Real Music

One of things that has slowly entered my age-addled brain while playing the many venues with my band is that music has gone the way of professional sports. The “pro” or big ticket stadium concerts have more to do with marketing and corporate stockholders than they do with real music. The tickets are outrageously expensive, it costs a small fortune to get within half a mile of whatever band you are seeing. The multi-nationally owned major record labels are too busy searching for new “product” that can be marketed to enhance the bottom line. The artist can be playing Classical Kazoo as long as dollar signs dance in the eyes of the lawyers and accountants running the labels.

The (positive) upshot of all this is that there is an unbelievable wealth of talented MUSICIANS playing local venues where admission is anywhere from free to a couple bucks. I have been blown away by the level of musicianship that my band has been playing with, and I’m not talking about some neighborhood three-chord garage bands, I’m talking outstanding stuff.


Let me direct you to some of the best that I’ve heard thus far (and I know I have but scratched the surface)…

Folk By Association
Pat Karwan
Andy Browne Trio
Shanna Nolan
Michael Brett

and of course….Jo Wymer



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3 responses to “Real Music

  1. I think this is why I like the lesser known classic rock artists and more indie type bands to see in concert, cheaper tickets and less BS involved all around. Gordon Lightfoot only set me back $45 for the tickets..but lordy 7 in fees on top of that, that’s insane. It doesn’t cost that much to print and mail that piece of paper.

  2. you make a really good point. it’s not right that things have become so inaccessible. yay for the accessible artists!

  3. snowelf

    I am now absolutely in love with the Andy Browne Trio. Thank you Cooper!!

    It’s so annoying that something as personal to people as music can become so impersonal.

    Hope you’re well and you had a great Daddy’s Day!! 🙂


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