Things I Don’t Get

Coldplay – Someone explain the allure of this band to me, please.  There’s nothing new or original.  It’s the same old alt/pop stuff that sounds no different than the million other alt/pop songs churned out in the past 30 years.  I think of myself as being somewhat musically astute  but maybe, in my advanced years, there are sounds I’m not hearing generated on specific frequencies no longer within my aural sphere.  Maybe if I listened to it backwards…. (You can also substitute “Oasis” for “Coldplay” – never got them either)

Geraldo – is anybody still watching this knucklehead?  I was surfing while avoiding the commercials on TNT between segments of The Bourne Supremacy and tripped over ol’ Jerry doing a story, complete with grainy cell-phone generated film clips, about midget sex or something like that.  Is anyone really anxiously awaiting the dreck this schlub turns out week after week?

Oprah – Nope.  Just don’t get it.  This woman belches and it’s news.  Why?

People who think voting Democrat in November will change everything – I saw a bumper sticker today that sent chills down my back that read, “Fed up?  Vote Democrat”.  Yeesh.  Yeah the same way voting Democrat helped the House turn things around.  Uh-huh.  However I did see another bumper sticker that made me chuckle, “01/20/09 – The End of An Error”.

To be continued…(maybe)



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10 responses to “Things I Don’t Get

  1. jhstrega7

    I’m with you all the way, mate. Recently saw Mr. Paltrow on the cover of a major magazine (couldn’t tell you which, as I don’t read them much anymore) and thought, “what the f…?!?!” NEVER got the Coldplay thing. Ditto for Oasis.

  2. coldplay barely registers on my radar. i mean they are ok but i don’t go crazy for them. geraldo is still around? really? oprah, i like that she’s philanthropic but the book club and her favorite things…please make it stop. democrat/republican, they are all sleaze balls.

  3. Tony B.

    They all have one thing in common….they’re history….lol

  4. Coldplay? Yeah, I’m with you, I don’t get them either, to me it’s like a very watered down R.E.M.

    Geraldo/Oprah — pfft.. I don’t watch enough TV to care. LOL

    Not to delve to deeply into the politics of it all, but elections and new presidents don’t always fix all of our problems. But hope (*CHANGE!) (note the sarcasm–tee hee) springs eternal.
    *sorry had to take that cheap shot..

    As I posted on my own blog, it’s better to try some personal problem solving on your own before casting your hopes on the government to do it for you.

  5. I would have never become aware of Coldplay if not for one song: Clocks. Heard it on the radio, thought it was OK, but did not like it enough to buy a copy of it.

    Dad used to play a 12 Girls Band CD in his car over and over; it had a cover of Clocks. I began to develop a strong desire to hear the original, but did not know the name. His CD was a burnt copy, so did not have a listing of titles on it.

    This was before I came up with an almost foolproof way to find the words to a song using Google. After much frustration, I finally heard it on the radio again, wrote down as many of the words as I could and was able to ID it at long last.

    The word “clocks” only appeared once in the song. I kept thinking the song was called “Nothing Else Compares” or “Home, Where I Wanted to Go.”


  6. I’m with you on the 1st and last one. And I so want that bumper sticker.

    I have to say that either way the election turns out…we should just bend over and assume the position….cos we’re getting screwed.

  7. askauntb1

    I couldn’t agree more! I can’t understand and strongly dislike that song “Hey Delila” or whatever it is by White Tees or whomever. But there’s never a day that goes by where I am not amazed, perplexed and mesmerized by the opinion and taste of the masses.

    Oh btw, this’ll explain the Ziplock Omlette the most awesome and coolest thing I’ve ever come across!

  8. Snowelf

    I like two songs by Coldplay and that is it. Yellow and whatever the one in the iPod commerical is right now. (you can tell how much I really care) Most of their music just grates against my grain for some reason. Blech.

    I never liked Geraldo, but I don’t mind Oprah, cause she does use her powers for good.

    Nothing is going to change in November except the fact that the majority of Americans will just have someone new to blame for everything.

    Despite all this, I hope you, Cooper, are doing fantastically. 🙂


  9. my brother in law is in love with coldplay… i asked him why. He said “its good chick music”. I was realy lost… because last i checked i was a chick and can’t stand them. So i told him this, and he said “no, it’s good when all you have is metal and whatever in your truck, and you have to drive your girls mom to the store. They like you afterwards because you aren’t a loser”.

    lol… so maybe that is the big secret. Or maybe people want to be somwhat reminicent of the good U2 days with a worse band. Seriously, coldplay sound is that of U2 joshua tree (IMO) but the vocals get all messed.

    Didn’t know geraldo was still alive.

    Can’t stand Oprah. She is hypocritical. Plus, she has far more followers then christ, so i can’t take that as a good sign.

    can’t really comment on the last bit, well, because it sounds way to stupid. But it will be interesting to say the least if Obama wins. Seeing as though he is going to kabosh the alberta oil sands because we make too much polution. Quite frankly i think that will make a few heads roll, and we may not have a nice sister community anymore.

    But that is my outlook. Maybe it will all get tossed in the wash and no one will notice….

  10. That isn’t an exhaustive list of PopCrap, but it’s a good grouping.

    Of the three “artist/celebrity” types you named, I wouldn’t look up from a crossword puzzle to see one of them on fire.

    As for whether the Democrats will change anything for the better, who the hell knows? They’re all politicians – corrupt, lying, not smart enough to get honest work. As long as beer is legal, I’ll be fine.

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