Top 5 on Friday Food Porn….the Redneck Version

First, from The Mistress

Top 5 albums from the first half of 2008

Hmmm…I have not purchased a single iota of new music this year. Sooooo….my list is the top 5 albums released in the past 12 months that I’d like to get (I can’t come up with 5 for just 2008)…

1. Flavors of Entanglement – Alanis Morissette

2. Crayons – Donna Summer

3. Migration – Antonio Sanchez

4. The Big Idea – Nat Townsley Trio

5. Now I’ve spent 30 minutes looking through iTunes and the Billboard charts and the only, ONLY, thing I’d consider even listening to is Emmylou Harris’ new one All I Intended To Be – and that’s only out of respect for her as an artist, not for an overwhelming love of her music. Although I have seen her live and thoroughly enjoyed it…Man there’s a lot of crap out there…

Back to Chocolate Chipped

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars (I gained 5 pounds just typing that)


And now…for the latest in Redneck fashion we take you (allegedly) to a flea market in an Alabama K-Mart parking lot…

Who really looked at a pair of men’s jockey’s and thought, “Hmmm…that would make a good top?”. Three for $9.99 is a pretty good price, though…

Or as Mrs. Coopernicus so blithely put it…”I wonder if she has teeth…”



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6 responses to “Top 5 on Friday Food Porn….the Redneck Version

  1. i want to congratulate you on finding such an effective antidote to the food porn and posting it immediately below said porn. you have saved me countless calories. thank you.

  2. snowelf

    Note to self: Stop licking screen.

    I’m going out to dinner in about 10 minutes and I am totally getting dessert now.


  3. My bet is no teeth or brain cells.

  4. That shot looks like “you might be a red neck if…” I guess because I live in the South and see silly stuff like that all the time, I find it extremely funny~

    Believe you me, I’ve seen a lot worse. I would mention my favorite of all time (that makes me giggle), but it might offend someone who actually wears those garments… I have to take off in another direction so as not to laugh my ass off in front of them 😉

    Yeah, I’m Ms. Fashion in my cover and over-alls so have little room to laugh at anyone; but I do~ even at myself 🙂

  5. What Lime said.. lol

    That Jockey top is unreal..
    We’re somewhat ‘casual’ in Seattle, but that beats anything I’ve EVER seen here!!

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