To Be Fair

OK. I’ll explain. I will not have internet access at home any longer. I will have it at work but all the social network/blogging sites are blocked (bastards) especially for low-life scummy contractors like me.

So it’s not just a vacation. Thank you all who have visited and commented. I will miss you more than you know.

Keep on writing.

I leave you with one last piece of worldly advice….



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16 responses to “To Be Fair

  1. and you too will be missed, my friend. you know where to find me.

    peace and hugs

  2. Can we take up a collection to get you a dial-up account?

    No more YouTube, but you can at least blog at reduced capacity as long as your fans feel it is worthwhile to feed you. I’ll spring for the first month.

    Another alternative is the local library. I have resorted to that once in awhile when I have really needed to do something I cannot access from this computer for whatever reason.


  3. That truly sucks.

    I’ll miss you, bro. Hang in there.


  4. Get an iPhone! No Flash, but at least you can blog!

    Hurry back soon.

  5. jwcooper3

    Thanx everybody. I do plan on holding on to my Yahoo mail account and hitting the library, as Bill suggested. As long as it’s not blocked I will pop in and visit from time to time…

    …assuming I can get the kids off their MySpace pages at the library!

  6. Awww man…we’ll miss ya. But seriously library…cheap dial up?

  7. DAMMIT! I come back FINALLY and you’re leaving now!!!!!


  8. snowelf

    (((Cooper))) We will miss you so much in the blog world. I hope you can make it back from time to time. At least you still have email!! 😉


  9. *pout* I hope I still have your snail mail, dear. I’ll get the pen and paper out and do it the old fashioned way I guess.


  10. Dang, I turn my back for an instant and wham! This summer is getting way too long. Its about time for the wind to change. I hope with it’s cooling breeze comes something wonderful your way ((HUGS))

  11. Oh! I guess it is goodbye. I hope you continue to do well and thank you for your enjoyable bloggings. Hopefully we will see you later.

  12. Oh my Darling, we just can’t have this! Get one of those AOL or Earthlink gigs on your phone. I’ll bet you only have a cell phone. Now this really sucks. Dammit Coop, email when you need to mix it up, ok?

    Big Love

  13. i haven’t checked back since we have been e-mailing.. but wanted to jot a note in here as well.

    I know what you are doing, and why and i wish you luck. I know what it is you are going through, and if you ever need a friend, i am here.

    You never know, maybe things will work out. maybe they won’t. but regardless of the outcome, i hope it is good for you. 🙂

    Keep smiling, and writting. ((hugs))

  14. Dammit, I am sad to find you’re off. I would go in with Bill if you like.

  15. stickboy?

    Oh, I get it…drumstick


  16. Aww… Missing you!! I’ll have to send you an email soon. 🙂

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