Enough is Enough

OK.  It’s been a month.  Enough of this.  Time to start ranting again.   All the things I thought of to write over the past four weeks….now I can’t think of one of them….

So…to summarize….

The book:  in it’s fourth draft.  I did some research on agents and thanx to theletest issue of Writer’s Digest, I’ve discovered that my book has 8 out of the things that piss agents off.  Great.  So I’ve been performing major surgery.  Even shifting some of the characters and toying with making the book darker than its current state.  We’ll see.

Time: Has become stretched.  I’ve gone back to work full time and trying to capture small blocks of time on lunches, breaks, down time, get tiring.  I don’t know if other writers experience the same thing but, like playing music, I need a warm up period.  Unless I sit down with a flash of brilliance (rare) it takes me some time to get into the character’s heads and establish a groove.  Blocks of 15 minutes here and there make that difficult.  Plus writing in the office isn’t the quietest experience in the world.

Gratitude:  Want to thank you all for the supportive comments upon my exodus last month.  Makes a body feel appreciated.



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5 responses to “Enough is Enough

  1. Good luck and welcome back!


  2. does an exuberant happy dance around the room. yay! he’s back! woooohooooo!!!!!

    so major surgery huh? does he patient get anesthesia?

  3. I used to try and write (for fun) in between pleadings, discovery, answering the phone, etc., and it was a bit trying… I would actually get mad at my job for interupting my writing 🙂

    I guess I’m gonna have to read the latest Readers Digest. I don’t mind, its a favorite but not one I’ve read in a long while. Good luck with the surgery 🙂

  4. So glad you’re back 🙂

  5. snowelf

    Holy crap, you started blogging again!! Yay!!

    Yes, other writers totally have that…hence my lack of posting with uninterrupted time, and um, getting some extra things edited… 😉 If I can’t get time to concentrate, I can’t write the way I want, so I don’t even try.

    I’m curious of how the surgery is going.


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