Sunday Services

Anyone care to present the eulogy for my nasal passages???  I have a rotten cold  (who gets colds in August for  pete’s sake??).  Nice way to end the summer, huh?

So just to set the record completely straight, Sen. Chris Dodd is a hypocrital asshole.  He’s been all over CNN this morning blasting the Republican Party for continuing with their convention plans while doomsday apparently is upon the poor souls in the South.  Yeah, that’s really helpful to everyone, you moron.  Let’s seize every opportunity to keep the country as split and partisan as possible in order to further your own political agenda.  Creep.

These conventions a) are a colossal waste of money, b) accomplish nothing and c) have all the appeal of festering boils and oozing pustules.  This year in particular, they only serve as a reminder that the next President will be incompetent, ineffectual and a continuation of Washington-business-as usual.

Sorry for all the vitriol…let’s just chalk it up to feeling crappy, the end of summer, and political malaise.  If Mary Poppins were here I’d probably make her cry…

Here…this kind of sums up my mood…



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3 responses to “Sunday Services

  1. Dodd is crooked. He got a special deal on his mortgage from Countrywide, then played a large part in passing the bill to help bail out Countrywide. He should be investigated for conflict of interest.

    I would send you some of this relentless heat if it would help. We are in our 101st day this year of high temperatures at 90 degrees or higher. It may take a major hurricane to finally break this heat wave. It may take more than that.


  2. if it’s any consolation, last week i sounded like i had a four pack a day habit and this weekend one of the limelettes decided strep throat would be a fun idea.

    and now for the eulogy.

    we gather today to remember cooper’s sinuses. they served him well up until recently. they were moist and empty, much like the cranial cavities of the average politician or supermodel. sadly in the past few days they began to fill up until they resembled a concrete block and poor cooper was forced to haul his own head around in a wheel barrel.

  3. I nearly crapped my pants when one of our state rep’s from Ga said almost exactly what you said and why he wasn’t going~ complete waste of time and money. I nearly choked ; 0

    btw, I know SK is sick, but oh how he makes me laugh!

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