Now What The Fuck Was That??????????

Reason # 45,235 to never watch TV again….

Can someone explain to me the point of the latest Microsoft dribble that stars Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld?  It makes absolutely no sense, it’s not clever, witty and certainly not funny.  I stared, slack-jawed at the set trying to figure it out.  Maybe it’s the beta version of the ad waiting for the public to find everything wrong with it before releasing Ad2010.  And the last thing I ever wanted to see in my lifetime was Gates wiggling his cordoroy clad ass at the screen.  Ewww…gives me shivers just thinking about it.

Update: If you’re curious, here’s the spot and somewhat of an explanation…’s still ‘effing stupid.



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8 responses to “Now What The Fuck Was That??????????

  1. eeesh….sounds like i haven’t missed much by not seeing the ad.

  2. I’m glad I’ve been spared that trauma. I shudder just thinking about it.

  3. And here I was thinking it was a hallucination I was having or a bad dream from malnourishment.

    I’m half relieved…

  4. troll

    its two very rich men making their own funny commercial, who cares what it means?

  5. Gates and Seinfeld, huh? Was it an ad about nothing? No Windows for you! Not that there’s anything wrong with it…not having Windows, that is…


  6. Sorry, luv ya, mean it, but I ain’t going there~

  7. stickboy

    troll – if it WERE funny I wouldn’t mind so much…but it’s just…nothing

    bill – i am heading that way in short order…

  8. antiquefreak

    Totally disagree….I think these spots (there are several now) are brilliant…and hilarious!

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