Dis – Illusion(s) – ment

1) Recycling matters – As dog-face and I went for a morning stroll I casually watched the the trash collectors attack the dumpster area; an area split up into several bins – some for trash, some for glass/plastic and some for newspapers. I heard the smashing of glass as the waste behemoth hoisted one of the glass bins into the truck. The next bin hauled out was the paper bin and it was…dumped into the same truck as the glass. Then I watched as the trash guy hauled out the other glass bin but before hooking it up for removal, he reached into the regular trash dumpster and loaded the glass bin with a hoard of regular trash bags. Then it was lifted into the same vehicle.  And we’re taking the time to separate all this out because…….

2) We have a democratic system of government – We now have a nationalist system of government where all three branches now report directly to the federal reserve and large global companies have little incentive to be smart, efficient or profit oriented.  I figure it’s time for a revolution – not of words, but of action.  I, for one, am fed up with funding mis-managed company CEO parachutes.  I figure if we can get a couple hundred thousand people to boycott paying federal income taxes we can send a clear message.

3) Who you vote for in November will make a difference – I mean seriously.  Forget about party allegiance.  Any thinking person can quickly come to the conclusion that neither candidate has what it takes to right all the wrongs of the past 60 years worth of Governmental Gaffes, especially this last eight years of sheer arrogance and stupidity.  Alfred E. Newman would have done a better job.  But, sadly, we’re in for more of the same…and possibly worse.


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2 responses to “Dis – Illusion(s) – ment

  1. i’ve never seen recycling collected like that. our trucks have separate little bins for each thing they collect.

    the other two…grrrr…makes my blood boil to think of it. i’d vote for the guy who agreed to abolish the IRS.

  2. I love how Obama and McCain are right next to garbage in your tag list on this post.

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