Peace in the Valley….

It’s ten minutes ’till October first and there is substantial thunder rumbling across the sky.  The rain outside my window is splashing against leaves already showing signs of red and yellow; true autumn is but a breath away.  It’s the most peaceful sound in the world, rainfall, next to ocean waves.  I could listen to it all night long.  The thunder is an added bonus, probably the last hurrah of thunder storms for the season.

I try harder each year to appreciate autumn.  It’s never been a favorite, actually ranking third out of the four, but that’s only becuase it is the harbinger of winter, standing in solid fourth.  It’s not that I don’t like the cooler temperatures or the absolute beauty of autumn – where else can you get colors such as these?? – but winter is just too stark and cold; the personification of death.  I’m actually good up until December 24th, then I hold my breath until the first warm breezes appear.  (The rain is really coming down now….ahhhhhh).  I have to make an extra effort to enjoy the here and now, or it’s gone before I know it.  I’ve made it through..well…enough winters that we really don’t need to number them here, and spring eventually dances it’s way in bringing everything back to life.  As I get older, appreciating every minute becomes easier…maybe even more desperate, which can lead to a panic – a race for…something…that is supposed to represent the capstone of my life.  Maybe I’ve already experienced it and all there is now is time to lean back and enjoy what is; something I’m not particularly good at.

Enough of philosophic waxing for one night.  You know what’s fun to do in the rain?  (well, besides that).  Running.  When I used to run becuase that’s what I thought I was supposed to be doing to stay healthy, every so often I’d get caught in a storm.  I would just burst out laughing while I ran.  That’s the total opposite of my childhood experience.  When I was in kindergarten I was deathly afraid of thunderstorms and I got caught in one walking home from school.  Completely freaked me out.  I carried an umbrella to school for the next four months, no matter what the weather.  What a nerd.


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6 responses to “Peace in the Valley….

  1. Aw see fall and spring are my favorite seasons

  2. Spring first, Fall second, Summer third and I don’t like Winter at all. I hate being cold. It is the personification of death to me too. I feel like a caged animal.

    In the summer when we were kids, my sister and I used to wash our hair in the rain. Then we would run around like idiots laughing our fool heads off. As both of us had hair that reached our waists, it took us hours to get the tangles out. I think the whole idea was my mothers to get us out of hers for a while~ smart woman 🙂

  3. snowelf

    i love the rain and feel the same way you do about it. the sound is tranquil and has a powerful effect over me.

    and yep, i’m good until about December 24th too, then bring on the sunshine.



  4. i do love to hear the rain, calming and constant. i love to fall asleep to it.

  5. I *LOVE* fall 🙂 It is my favorite of all seasons. For me saying fall is the season that brings us closer to winter isn’t fair. Well about as fair as saying i hate summer because it only shows you what winter doesn’t have. hehe…

    but really, i love the fall. It is perfect weather for me. I cannot handle too hot or too cold, and spring is so darn messy that it is difficult to enjoy. So Fall for me is perfect.

    I used to dance inthe rain. I loved that. Listening to my walkman (how old school i know) and just dancing around. ANd if the batteries died that was okay, i would sing or hum, whatever and just dance along. Loved that feeling.

  6. Mine would have to be autumn. It is two of the four months we do not have to pay through the nose for air conditioning or heating. Yes, it does get cold down here…a few days here and a few days there. We almost never get snow in winter, but that nasty ice storm stuff instead if we gat anything at all. Spring always carries the undertone that the hell of summer is coming.

    There was a heated outdoor pool on campus when I was in college. I would go in January or February (remember, this was Southern California.) The rules required us to shower before using the pool, so I would sprint from the locker room and jump into the water to avoid being in the chill too long. Being in the water is a whole another world. You do not care about getting any wetter. Unless you are resting, you do not even notice the rain. And the moisture rising from the surface of the water forms this funky mist in the cold air.


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