I Got it..I Got it !!!

Been driving me crazy but I finally figured it out.  I have not been waxing political as of late because…well…because both candidates leave much (grande mucho) to be desired…but in watching John McCain speak, there was something gnawing at me.  He reminded me of someone but for the longest time I just couldn’t put my finger on it…but it finally dawned on me.

Walter Brennan…The Real McCoys….

As for Obama…I know both Bush and McCain have been compared to this icon…but the similarities are there…



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4 responses to “I Got it..I Got it !!!

  1. a wee tad frightening, no?

  2. snowelf


    I think we should make McCain and Obama answer that meme you just did. Then we’ll REALLY know who to vote for. 😉


  3. I’m going to laugh so hard right now that I may just pee myself 🙂

  4. When Amos said “I’ve got my knife in my pocket”, all I could think of was Richard Pryor saying “that’s when I put my hand on my knife..” : )

    That was too funny~ The picture of Alfred and Obama~ I did have to make a run for it ; )

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