Pig Latin Sex

The title of this doesn’t have anything to do with anything.  It just popped into my head.  So be it.

I’ve been unusually quiet, I know.  A combination of a) not being able to think of anything fun about which to rant mixed with a little bit of acceptance.  (Where did THAT come from??)

There’s no point in being political at this stage; I’m sick to death of politics and really don’t give a rats ass who gets elected,

Gramps or Mortimer Snerd.  Neither one of them speaks for me.  And as for my NJ “Representatives”, Frank Lautenberg and Rush Holt, they need to be voted out and sentenced to a life of collecting garbage along Route 80 for the rest of their days.  That way they’d get to perform some REAL public service, instead of what they do now…which is diddly-squat.

So much for not ranting about politics.

On to other things.  Watched two movies this weekend:  the new Indiana Jones (eh) and The Bank Job (excellent).  I think those are the first new movies I’ve seen since Juno was released on DVD. I used to watch movies all the time…in fact in a former life I was a “film critic” for two radio stations and a newspaper.  I put the title in quotes because the job is similar to being a radio dj (something else I’ve done).  It really doesn’t take any qualifications to do either job.  I’ve been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time with the right idea.  Going to two movies a week and getting paid for it was pretty kewl, tho.  Let’s see…this was 1985 through 1991…so without doing the math, that’s a shitload of movies.

Well I must be off.  The band has a gig this afternoon and I need to pack and run….



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10 responses to “Pig Latin Sex

  1. snowelf

    I watched The Skeleton Key this weekend and it was awesome. If you haven’t seen it, I think you would really like it. The ending is excellent.


  2. as sequels go the indy movie wasn’t awful. wasn’t great but wasn’t awful. someone wants to pay me to sit in a movie theater a couple times a week i’mm down with that.

    now for the pig latin sex.

    oh-ay aby-bay…

    es-yay, oh-ay es-yay…..

    on’t-day op-stay…

    sorry, couldn’t resist.

  3. You mean igpay atlinlay exsay? It has been too long; I cannot remember how to properly translate McCain (Ainmccay?)

    Ohnjay Ainmccay/Arahsay Alinpay vs Arackbay Obamaay/Oejay Idenbay

    This is too wierd…like an alien tag-team match or something.

    Were you allowed to walk out of the really bad films or must you suffer through the very end?


  4. cooper

    I walked out on only ,one film..it was called Warning Sign – an original morality tale about a nuclear accident turning the reactor’s workers into ax-wielding zombies.
    That’s why you’ve probably never heard of it….God, it was awful.
    I was close to leaving Superman IV – which was so horribly bad it was almost funny.
    But I have to say the two worst films of my critique tenure were “Young Einstein” and “UHF”…both made me heave…

  5. cooper

    Lime: hats-tay ood-may
    ore-may! ore-may!!

  6. Gramps and Mortimer Snerd!!! LOL!

  7. I am with you on the indy movie. i was really not impressed, and was shocked at how many people liked it. As for the bank job i have been avoiding it because it looked similar to the itallian job / oceans 11… but i will give it a whirl now.

    that would be a whole lotta movies… a friend of mine used to be a movie critic in the city we lived in and would take me to movies. I thought it was an alright arrangement 🙂

  8. I watched The History of the World, Part I, (Mel Brooks) I think… it was on TV. You would think I would have watched that movie before, but no. Dave and I laughed ourselves silly.

    I’m with you on the political side of things. They both reek. The question is, who stinks the less? I’ve not decided yet. I hope I don’t hurl when I step up to vote. I wonder if it would be unseemly for me to walk in there holding my nose? I guess it couldn’t be worse than walking in wearing my shoes on backwards… 😉

  9. This would probably make a much better blog post than a comment, but I have not resolved the conflict between my browser and WordPress yet and my ultimate point does apply to this topic.

    I faintly remember the Dallas Cowboys’ first Super Bowl win a year after losing a squeaker to Baltimore. We had been living in Texas for several years so the ‘Boys had become our “home team” even though a part of me still cheered for the Denver Broncos because I was born in Colorado. Their second win came against those same Denver Broncos when I was in college; by then, I was no longer conflicted over who “my” team was. Watching that game in a crowd of friends at school left me wondering what it must have been like to be living in Dallas when they won the Big One.

    Fast forward many disappointing years. Clint Murchison sold the team to “Bum” Bright who sold it to Jerry Jones. The legendary Tom Landry was replaced as head coach. Despite some high-profile trades and draft picks, the team sucked worse than ever, even going 1-15 one season. Suddenly, there was a little spark as the team began to gel. Before we knew what had happened, the Cowboys crushed the Buffalo Bills in a very lopsided win for the Lombardy Trophy.

    I took a day off from work to go to the victory parade. Nobody had been expecting a championship, so it was a quickly thrown-together, poorly organized affair. But the city was absolutely giddy and I was not going to miss out on what might have been a chance in a lifetime experience because that was only the third win in way too many years. Crowd control was almost nonexistent and the parade had to be stopped several times as fans poured into the street and got too close to the cars and trucks carrying the players. I thought everybody had a good time until I heard on the radio during the drive home that a serious gang fight had broken out mere blocks from where I had been standing. In the midst of all that glee, someone still found reason to do harm to a fellow human being. That was my first recollection of a celebration going out of control, though to be honest, I was not really paying attention to such things until after my own brush with danger.

    Fast forward to today. The Cowboys are not likely to win the Super Bowl this season. But that is not why I write. I plan to cast my early vote tomorrow while figuratively holding my nose; it will be one of those lesser of the evils kind of decisions. My parents came to America to escape communism; no way I am going to vote to adopt that wretched system here. Redistribute wealth my ass!

    A week from now, election returns will start coming in. Chicago mayor Daley predicts more than one million people may be at Obama’s election night party. They are not arrogant enough yet to call it a victory party. I pity the fools who choose to go there. Who was the brain surgeon who decided to cram so many people together in one place on such an emotionally packed night? Someone hoping for extra skulls to mend in the days to follow? Who was the rocket scientist who thought this would be a smart thing to do? Someone hoping for mayhem as political tension goes for throttle-up?

    Given how many sports teams’ victories have been marked by violence, rioting, arson and vandalism, there may be trouble regardless of who is elected. If Obama wins, cars may be turned over and burned and stores looted as if the Bears won the Super Bowl. In the event Obama loses, things have a potential to be much worse in reaction to the old media portraying an increasingly close race as lopsided advantage in Obama’s favor. “We have been robbed” will be a common sentiment and the crowd will be looking to take it out on somebody. Anybody.

    The best we can hope for is the election to remain undecided on Tuesday night so that emotions have a chance to cool and people return to their lives before the result is known.


  10. That must’ve been a kick ass job. I used to do commercial spots on the radio here in town. I wish I had those recordings. I sounded sooooo Southern, something I rather detested at the time. Having just moved to Yankee territory, I’m certain I sounded like a W.V. Hillbilly. It slips out now and again though…dammit!

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