My Life Movie

I found this on the ever-whimsical Biscuit-Hound’s blog..

I’m supposed to pick stars, past or present, to play the parts if a movie were to be made about my life.

So…here goes..

For my son, Eric Stoltz.  I think of the quiet reserve he had in Some Kind of Wonderful mixed with one of Spicoli’s bud’s in Fast Times At Ridgemont High

For my daughter, Suzy Amis – if you are not familiar with her, check out Wikipedia

When we were young I always told the Mrs. that Julie Christie reminded me of her…especially in Zhivago

Myself…that’s easy..because I’ve had more than my share of people saying “You know how you look like?”  Yeah yeah I know…David Caruso…

My sister.  Had to think about this one but once I hit it I knew it was right.  We grew up in the 60’s and not only is there a physical resemblance, but one of spirit as well….Grace Slick

There are some other folks I’d like to cast as well…just for spite..

My junior high vice principal….

My high school nemesis…

Babs (not the current blog Babz…)


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6 responses to “My Life Movie

  1. LMAO at the geico caveman having a cameo as your HS nemesis. and i never thought about david caruso and you….you’re far more interesting than he is.

  2. Julie Christie…she got me all hot and bothered in Shampoo…excuse me while I enjoy an imelay omentmay…ahhhh


  3. That was pretty neat-O- mo-skee-toe 🙂

  4. Caruso??? oh no dear, you are far better then that guy. i can’t stand that guy! lol…

    i liked the refrence to Babs, though i am sure the blogging Babz would think that was appropriate for her as well… lol…

  5. LOL do you wear the Caruso sunglasses too?

  6. Yes, Blog Babz was all excited cause I was gonna be in your movie. For sure, the shoe fits…I don’t care who ya are, that’s some funny shit!

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