At One Time I Had A Beautiful Body…

This is circa 1970.  38 years ago (holy crap).  9th grade soccer team, Roosevelt Junior High School, Westfield, NJ.  The bleachers were on the football field.  The soccer team team didn’t have bleachers.  Hell, we didn’t even have a regulation size soccer field.  I forget the dimensions but it was about 80% of the size of a normal field.  I think that’s why we won so many games.  Other schools would come and get seriously fucked up kicking the ball into the next township.

Let’s face it…who the hell ever heard of soccer in 1970?  Sure, now it’s all the rage but back then it was tough to get a ten school schedule put together.  The white haired gent on the left is the late Whitey Holck; soccer coach, guidance counselor and pipe smoker.  I dated his daughter for awhile in 8th grade…she was in 9th…ahh always the older women…

There are three guys whose names I can’t come up with, and one I’m only kind of sure about.  Not bad after almost 40 years.

Oh.  And in case you were wondering or hadn’t guessed….number 24.



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7 responses to “At One Time I Had A Beautiful Body…

  1. I am some years younger than you, but remember playing lots of soccer during PE and recess in school. But there was no organized competition between schools or intramural; kids who wanted that had to join the YMCA or Kids Inc. The school would just provide us a ball and we would have at it on one of the football fields. Thinking back, that is why – simple rules and almost no equipment. They did not even provide us any referees; we played using the honor system and called “hands!” when anyone offended.


  2. hehe.. you were so cute!!!! Some of those poor boys had horrible eyebrows! I don’t know what it is with me and eyebrows.. i just feel drawn to them i suppose!

    I played soccer up north, and we used to play on a track field because you never knew when it would snow, and that gave the best traction so there were less injuries. Playing in sept/oct wasn’t bad… but i had my fair share of november games, and that got crazy cold. I look back at my younger life and wonder how the hell i lived like that.. lol!!

  3. Being a military brat… soccer was one of my favorite games. When we had to move off-base, (Dad would be transferred somewhere we couldn’t follow), it really surprised me that no one, and I mean no one, knew how to play the game. Both my children played. Its a great sport & you are a cutie pie~

  4. love it! i can totally see that’s you. how’s the goof two rows behind you who looks like he is making a face at the camera?

  5. cooper

    that would be Frank Webster…as my friend Tom later discovered much to his everlasting chagrin, Frank’s favorite word was “funky”. Well, that was somewhat new in 1970…

  6. Eric Holck

    Nice to see someone still remembering my dad (and my “older woman” sis for that matter… to this day, our family still laughs about an infamous remark I once made regarding why I thought you were dating her (which good taste prohibits me from repeating here!). Cheers.

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