Ravings Au Jus

I have discovered that many of the squished photos i post look just fine in Firefox but look like total caca in internet explorer.  My apologies to the IE crowd.  I will do my photo shrinking pre-post from now on.  One more extra step Microsoft forces users to take…

I’ve had it with Pro Sports.  Since they have been walking down the trail of screwing the middle-class average fan (anyone see a connection to Washington here besides me?) for some time and having finally taken the leap into complete insanity (at least in the NY area), they can pound sand.  For those in other parts of the country, the NY/NJ baseball and football teams are all getting new stadiums and instituting an absurdity called seat licensing where an ungodly amount of money is paid in advance per seat for the season just to reserve a place to put once corporate posterior.  The ticket price still has to be paid on top of that.  When I say ungodly, I’m talking on average of $20,000.  Per seat.  Taking the family to the ballgame for a sunny sunday no longer exists.  Well, as Mother Theresa was want to say, fuck ’em.  I’m not watching anymore.  Nor am I supposrting the advertisers of yet one more corporate scam.  I don’t drink so not supporting Coors and Anheiser-Busch is a snap.  I can live without ever going to Sears again.  Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s just are not real Pizza places anyway so I won’t miss them either.  Neither am I going to purchase a CadillacJeepFordTruckMercedesBMWLexasSUV at anytime in the future.  I’ll stick to supporting minor league baseball and college football and basketball thank you very much.

We had sunshine today for the first time in seven days!!! woo. hoo.  It was nice to see old Sol hanging there in the sky, now blue instead of puffy grey.

Oh one last thing…for all my female readers here is a consumer alert I feel is my civic duty to pass along…



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5 responses to “Ravings Au Jus

  1. Exactly how I feel about NASCAR. If you happen to flip through when they are racing, notice all the empty seats? They have out priced the “average fan” who put them there.

    My back yard is still tore up (septic tank woes continue STILL) so I ordered from Papa John’s. Hey, I had to do what I had to dooooo! Damnit man 🙂

  2. You too? I thought that was just another Jerry Jones “innovation” for the new stadium. Charging a fee for the privilege of buying season tickets. And now they are making noises about trying to charge tailgaters for the added space they take up in the parking lot. Let’s see…new stadium…many more seats…more expensive seats. And on top of that, the team is last place. Can you spell BLACKOUT? That is, if the games have not already been moved to NFL Network, which cost more if it is available at all. I am preparing for the digital television transition by listening to more radio.

    Fortunately, I am immune to the WalMart scam. That one, at least. The one that gets me is stationing cute little girls near the entrances to sell overpriced cookies. Fall for it every time…


  3. wonder if it’s that expensive to go see the cubs?

  4. LOL at that scam. I could fall for that one 🙂

  5. I’ve never been a sports fan. That’s one reason. I get weeks on end of that when Robert’s hooked to the basketball NBA stuff, too. I can’t bear it, that’s a tough time of year.

    Pool is a sport. I prefer a night down my local, at a pool table for a while now and again.

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