Family Album

This is Mom.  If you squint you can see the date as July 64.  If you squint further, looking at 10 o’clock over her head you’ll see in the distance two towers that will make any true fan of Men In Black go “Holy Crap!”

Yes this was the World’s Fair in 1964 in Queens NY and as far as I know those towers really aren’t spaceships.  The little blond waif in the lower left corner is my cousin Cheryl.  The whole crew traipsed into NY on a ridiculously hot July day and tromped around from place to place.  I really only remember two exhibits vividly.  One was the GM building (i have slides of it but still don’t have the equipment to convert slides to jpgs) because they sat you in rows of bench seats stacked straight up and down against a flat wall, then the whole wall of seats went straight up to a multi-media presentation.  This was ’64 remember so multi-media wasn’t even in folks lexicons at this point.  The whole thing scared the shit out of me because 1) I don’t like heights and 2) I don’t like rides.  This was neither but I didn’t trust anybody.

The other exhibit was the “It’s a Small World” exhibit which I believe is now de rigeur at any such event even though it plays endlessly at Disney on both coasts.

Anyway, this is Mom.  Looking very Jackie Kennedy behind those high-fashion shades.



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4 responses to “Family Album

  1. In 1964, multimedia was a filmstrip with an accompanying reel-to-reel tape. A “bink” on the audio track told the teacher it was time to advance to the next picture on the projector.


  2. that is an awesome picture 🙂

  3. what a fun little walk down memory lane. thanks for sharing. your mom is very fashionable looking.

  4. I love those Jackie O fashions. Your mom looks mighty sporty 🙂

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