Smoke up, Johnny!

I’ve had this rambling thought in my head for a couple days now…who knows if I’ll get it out coherently.

It’s Christmas Ad Season again, in case you’ve been in a coma recently.  And the barrage of All-American Hallmark images are sure to sparkle through thr airwaves and satellite dishes for the next few weeks.  Here we see a fine example.  Everything is right with the world.  The family gathered together, tons of presents under the tree, everyone looking well-scrubbed. And white.  But I can see in Grandma’s face that she’s worried about how much value she’s lost in her house, not to mention her retirement savings.  Dad seems to have quite a selection of ties.  Bet he’s contemplating which one would look best slung around a basement rafter.  I surely would love to see this clan’s 401(K) and credit card statements…

Truth is, the big boys playing with the big toys really hope they can convince us that all is right in America, that now, more than ever, going into extravagant debt is in the true holiday spirit.  And can you blame them?  The Federal Reserve is losing money hand over fist.  No they haven’t misplaced it, but prices are coming down.  “De”flation is occurring (I’ll grant you in very very small amounts).  That means less interest is paid to the Fed.  The only way the fat cats at the nation’s central bank stay calm is when we all whip out the plastic and drive ourselves in deep deep hock, even while the country goes to a monetary hell in a hand basket.

Me?  Buying WAY less this year…and paying CASH.  The cards are put away (that drive’s ’em crazy).  Why do you think this is a CREDIT crisis???

But as my buddy Mr. Ragged would say…”Sunshine and lollipops are just around the corner.  Yes, January will bring a new day, a new way of life.  Sunshine and roses for all.”

Right.  And who, exactly, is going to head the Treasury for him?????????

Gonna be a banner fuckin’ year at the Cooper household…


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7 responses to “Smoke up, Johnny!

  1. ugh….it’s a horror. the pigeons are coming home to roost and sh###ing all over us.

  2. If only I believed that come January it would be all better.

  3. snowelf

    It’s going to get better eventually–just not like a light switch. And it’s going to take everyone being more demanding of responsibility to do it.

    I’m not using any credit cards either. I hate credit cards.


  4. See, we had a curve ball thrown at us early in the year when we heard that we were expecting. So we started into uber save mode, which worked out for us well considering the credit crisis. We saved enough money to help while i am on mat leave, and our budget for x-mas. So. We paid initially via for simplicity and paid it off the next day. they hate that too….

  5. Credit cards… wait, they’re plastic… maybe Carlin was right?!

  6. I spent much of 2006 and 2007 away from home. The post office finally got tired of holding my mail; the only option they gave me was to rent a PO box and have my mail forwarded there. I did not have much time or mental energy to deal with it at the moment, so I said OK. Since returning in February, it has been a major ordeal getting delivery returned to normal, if you can call occasionally receiving mail addressed for the next street over or a block away normal. And you know that some of my mail is being misdelivered in the opposite direction. I finally got concrete evidence into my hands that mail addressed to me at home was being returned and confronted the people at the post office with it. They said, oh, there is still a COA (change of address) order in effect even though I had already asked several times to have any block removed from delivery to my address. Just that I did know the proper USPS lingo by which to call it before and did not have solid proof in my hands that it was still happening.

    So I was calling one of my credit cards to change my address back to the house once more and the guy on the other end says that I have had that account for a long time and that I have a high credit limit. That they are running a special offer in which I can get a cash advance from my account without interest until May. That I can request a check and it would not show up on my statement until I deposited it. That if I never used the check, it would cost me nothing. I thanked him and said I won’t be needing that.

    Overnight, I thought it over. I know it is a trap to get me to spend beyond my means now and have to give them plenty of interest later. I have been a good boy, paying my balance in full every month. It would not hurt to have that little extra bit of a cushion available should I really need it. I would just have to be sure to pay it off by May before the interest kicked in. So I called the company back and asked some more questions. It turns out the guy from the day before failed to mention that I would be charged a fee just for depositing the check. There is no such thing as a free lunch, despite how it may appear at first glance.


  7. No way on God’s green earth am I going to break out my credit cards for Christmas. I used to when the kids were little, but not any more and havent’ for a long, long time.

    With the exception of a few little goodies I can pay cash for, I’m making the rest of them. We all have more than we need anyway~

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