Global Warming My Ass…

It’s friggin cold. In the 20’s with teen wind-chills in November…you can’t tell me it’s getting warmer.  My skin is already so dry that I feel like I’m molting.  It’s not even officially winter for God’s sake.

So.  A good day to stay indoors, wouldn’t you say?  A good day to fill the house with smells from the kitchen..smells to warm the house and the soul on a frigid day.  Put on an old movie and putter around the kitchen.

To start the day off, let’s think about dinner.  Hmmm…leftover sausage in the fridge…I think a nice fresh tomato sauce with onion, garlic and spices would be nice along with some sausage. The aromas will do nicely around the place.

Something for dessert, then.  Time to break out the cookbooks and try something new.  Every so often I have to add to the repertoire.  Now I have not had a good history with the King Arthur’s Baking Companion cookbook.  We haven’t seemed to click as everything I’ve tried has not come out to my liking, so naturally it’s not the first book I turn to for inspiration.  I guess it was just a  matter of time and providence, tho, as what I kept coming back to was a cake recipe I marked some time ago but never committed myself to.  Now the time felt right to dive into a Three Layer Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake.  To make a long story short and with only one screw up that required a nighttime trip to Shop-Rite, I must say I am overwhelmingly please with the results.  So what if it’s loaded with three different kinds of chocolate and 2 1/2 cups of heavy cream (not whipping cream and not Ultra-Pasteurized – which was a bitch to find), the results were worth it.

Here….have a slice…



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7 responses to “Global Warming My Ass…

  1. oh. my. GOD!

    That cake? Divine… Can you squeeze some through the interwebz?

  2. you didn’t warn me this would be food porn. i need a moment…suddenly i am feeling nice and warm……

  3. I’m w/Anndi OMG!! It all looks wonderful and delish! All who dine at Coopers’ house are lucky lucky lucky!

  4. I am soooo coming over for my piece *drools*

  5. baxtrice

    Cooper: Go. Now. Buy. This.

    It is teh AWESOME. I bought it today, and it is worth it.

  6. I want some of that cake!! OMG that’s definitely food porn!!

  7. Mousse? I don’t see no mousse. Where’s the antlers.

    /gets coat.

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