Xmas Faves and Other Toys

OK.  I know I’ve been a lazy blogger, just posting YT clips and other people’s stuff.  So it’s about time I wrote something.  I did this a couple years ago when I was still in Blogger-ville so I guess it is worth a repeat.  Feel free to disagree..even tho you’re wrong…

5 Favorite Xmas Movies

1. It’s A Wonderful Life
2. A Christmas Story
3. A Christmas Carol (Alistair Sim version only)
4. Scrooged
5. The Gathering (old TV movie with Ed Asner)

5 Favorite Xmas TV Shows

1. Charlie Brown
2. Garfield Xmas
3. Claymation Xmas
4. Rudolph
5. Grinch

5 Favorite Xmas Cookies

1. Chocolate Chip
2. Chocolate cutouts with white icing
3. Nutmeg logs
4. Cream Cheese cookies
5. Raspberry Thumprints

5 Xmas Songs You Know You’ll Be Sick of By Xmas

1. Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano
2. Rockin’ Around The Xmas Tree
3. Grandma Got Runover etc etc
4. Merry Xmas Baby – Springsteen
5. Any Xmas song by Kate Smith

5 Favorite Xmas Songs

1. Silent Night – Sinead O’Connor version
2. Run With The Fox – Chris Squire (from Yes)
3. White Christmas – Bing
4. The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole
5. I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas – Yogi Yogersson (hysterical)


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7 responses to “Xmas Faves and Other Toys

  1. I’m already sick of the Fleas on The Dog song 🙂

  2. Stace

    Luv The 12 Pains of Christmas , song. Very funny! I always sing “rigging up the lights” while CB is on the ladder. LOL

  3. what?? no twister sister carols?? lol… maybe that is jsut me 😉

    And i HAVE to have sugar cookies at x-mas.. its just one of those things!

  4. ok, we need a recipe of nutmeg logs. i’ve never heard of them.

    and it’s not christmas unless i’ve seen the charlie brown special and the grinch (animated, not that jim carrey abomination).

    i also have to say i’m rather a fan of the muppets christmas carol.

  5. Can’t hear White Christmas by Bing without crying. I never get tired of that song about the 12 reasons to hate Christmas…

  6. Personally, I’m partial to Mannheim Steamroller’s first Christmas album…and Pat-A-Pan from their third one.

    The funniest one has to be Porky Pig singing Blue Christmas. Very politically incorrect, but hilarious.


  7. Just Thursday I bought this dancing turkey singing Feliz Navidad. It’s a favorite around the farm as the kids and I would dance wildly every X-mas Eve to that song. We played it and played it until it got all the wiggle worms out so I could put them to beddy-by.

    I was standing there, just laughing my buttocks off at this damn turkey and the pharmacy guy came walking up and said something about my prescription… and gave me the “eye”. I laughed even harder… 😉 Anything that makes me laugh like that, I need.

    I w/be posting the picture of the “peanut” soon so you can see my little grand bambino.

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