(Brutal) Top 5 on Fri…Sat..ummm Sunday

As usual from The Mistress

Top 5 Classic Rock Albums
(Only 5….this is going to be tough…I think I’m going to have to keep this to the 60’s or close to it; the list might be endless…although I was never a fan of the ’60 west coast music culture so don’t expect The Dead, Byrds, Band, Jefferson Airplane, etc.  Not knocking their music…some of it is quite good, but was not in my immediate sphere during those formative musical years… basically 17 years old.  Nor should you expect the NY folk scene which leaves out Dylan…ok already, shut up and tell us what you DO like)

3. Chicago Transit Authority

4. Fireball – Deep Purple (close enough)

6. (I’m at number 6 and only in the “G”s…not a good sign)

7. Fillmore East – Allman Bros.

8.  Tommy – The Who

10. Who’s Next – The Who (get on with it)

11. Crosby, Stills & Nash

12 Led Zeppelin II

13 Sgt. Pepper – Beatles

You can see how far I got with this…I tried to keep it to whole album content, otherwise things like In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida would be on (side one was …well not that good)



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4 responses to “(Brutal) Top 5 on Fri…Sat..ummm Sunday

  1. inagaddadavida…ok, laugh if you want, but the first time i ever heard this song was in the junior high sunday school class. our teacher brought it in so we could hear it because he loved it so much. hey, it was the sort of thing that made us all want to be there….

  2. cooper

    Wow…better than the sunday school classes I ever went to…although now that I think about it, one year the teacher had a zither and he let me borrow it for a week…that was pretty kewl.

  3. You should do these lists more often…

    Missing John today much?

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