Car Czar?

They’re kidding, right?  It’s a joke.  Ha ha ha.

Someone from the government is going to oversee the car makers.  Someone appointed by the Bush administration is going to be responsible for making sure the car makers, whose goal is to get our money, spend our money correctly.  Would this be the same administration that manages social security?  the same administration that is managing 750 billion of our money…yet doesn’t appeared to have accomplished anything other than propping up the party at AIG.

See, I think there is some confusion.  Just take Speaker Pelosi’s comments today…”This is a barbershop, and everyone is getting a haircut.”  Someone on her staff needs to tell her that barbershops are not at stake here.  Cars and trucks, Nancy.  Cars and trucks.  Not haircuts.  She’s had that dazed look for awhile and no wonder.

So line up you corporate weasels!  The government is having a holiday sale and even though they appear to be concerned they’re giving away billions, paid for by the sweat of us all.  Mis-managed?  Got caught with your hand in the till?  No problem.  They don’t care if you’re in prison.  The government will succeed where others have failed.  Doesn’t matter what credit you have.  Just belly up to the (fed)bar…the drinks are on The House.



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9 responses to “Car Czar?

  1. Car Czar? I really don’t like the sound of that..Aren’t we supposed to be the nation that stays away from titles such as that? Oh wait, I’m living in crazy land and believe that the bailout should have never happened. Silly me. X }

    Meanwhile, Retrophaze is back up and running, don’t forget to stop on by…

  2. trahantheman

    At least we the tax-payers will see the benefit from the 20% ownership of those companies when they make a profit again.

    We will right?…. like a tax break… a tax credit…. there is somthing in this for us right? We’ll get the money back eventually?

    Oh wait, i forgot. We’re screwed again. God bless corporate-cronyism

  3. do we still have a drug czar too? homeland security czar? now we can have a car czar. how many more departments can we create until the federal government is like mr. creosote who explodes after that one last wafer thin mint?

  4. cooper

    lime – MWAHAHAHAHA – Mr. Creosote….don’t forget the buckets.

    Andrea – there’s still time before the revolution…

    baxtrice – oh come baliout??? Isn’t that part of the Patriot Act???

  5. Sing it Brother, sing it. It almost makes ya wanna cry or die laughing at such incompetence, now don’t it brother Coop?

    Happy Holidays my fellow drum head.

    Hugz Big Hugz

  6. cooper

    Bill – That is awesome. I’m sending in my application today!!!

    Babs – we must laugh to keep our heads from exploding…drum and otherwise…Ho Ho Ho

  7. It’s not like the car industry didn’t see this one coming, and have time to prepare, say, some thing better than an 35mpg car?? it’s not like the technology isn’t there.. It is!
    I say we spend that money on that, and stop SUV production.

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