I Owe…

Since Lime has drug out the ghost of Christmas past and whereas I have been promising a few folks some snaps..I cranked up the old scanner and present the following evidence…

jwcsanta-editsmI remember this vividly.  I think it is the only time I ever sat on Santa’s lap.  It was in a bank in downtown Westfield  (I will wax nostalgic on hometown shopping at some future date).  Santa gave me a comic book.  It wasn’t a kewl one like Superman or even Archie.  I think it was some church thing.  It featured the kind of cheap printing that was great for pressing images into Silly Putty.  There was no date on the picture but I’m guessing 1960/61 – somewhere around there. I wasn’t even with my parents.  I was with Peter Dugan and his Mom.  How do like Santa leering at me like he hasn’t eaten in a month and I’m a hors d’ouvres.

So let’s move up a couple years.  You know in A Charlie Brown Christmas when Lucy is handing out cast roles, and Shermy starts whining, “Every year it’s the same thing. I always end up playing a Shepard.”  I AM Shermy…

meshep-editsmDon’t I look just thrilled beyond my capacity?  All I know is I was supposed to show up at Church..on a Saturday no less…to have my picture taken for some Christmas show.  No one said anything about dressing up like a sheep herder.  I think they were doing a slide show of some sort.  I never got to see it of course.  Kids weren’t allowed in the adult church.  Knuckleheadsmeyes-editsm.

Now a larger jump..I promised KFarmer a young skinny picture as she did the same a while back.  Granted this is a fairly crappy picture..not to mention about 120 pounds ago..

And finally for Babz, who recently posted the winner of the Jamestown NY Winter Naked Snorkeling Competition, I present a similar yet clothed rendition of the Central Pennsylvania NCAA Freestyle Bicycling Competition,  circa 1977 held on the prestigious campus of Suckabanana University. It’s amazing what one can accomplish with a college education these days. On to the Olympic Winter Games in…wherever they’re holding them in….next time.




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9 responses to “I Owe…

  1. i like the pictures 🙂 I don’t know if my mom has pictures of me with santa. I think my brother and i sat on santas knee one year, but for the most part my grandfather would dress like santa and scramble around the outside of the house and we never actually got to talk to him or anything… so no photo ops there. lol..

    I make a point of doing this with kira though, i have one of her and santa every year.

    If i ever get the scanner up and running i will take a scan of some of my skinny pics.. lol… it’s nice to have a little cry sometimes…

  2. you are just too cute for words in the santa picture. shermy…that’s great love the look on your face.

    all the pictures are are great. i’m so glad you fired up the scanner.

  3. Maybe I should scan some piccies of me on Santa’s lap. What a cute shepherd you were 😉

    Oh, and um… hottie!!

  4. snowelf

    Okay–too freaking adorable. And Santa is kinda looking at you funny–maybe the last kid peed on him and he’s a little mistrusting?

    I am going to have to officially swipe the pics my mom has of us with Santa and scan them in.

    I love the snowflakes. 🙂 Wasn’t it your mom who collected them?


  5. My parents took lots of pictures of me, though none with Santa Claus, until we kids decided we did not want our pictures taken so much. There is a bit of a black hole in the photographic history of the family.

    However did you manage to get that bicycle to move in that deep snow?


  6. cooper

    Bill….I told them there was a case of Michelob twenty feet in front of them…

    Snow – great memory…Yes it was my Mom who collected them

    Anndi, Lime, X – thanx. i love looking at pics…gets those scanner rollin’! And X…we were ALL skinny back them…we’ll take a group hug.

  7. Thank YOU!! I love old pictures. I don’t think my mom or dad ever took us to sit on Santa’s knee… Guess we were too rotten.

    Great pic’s of you~Is that a Camaro? 🙂

  8. cooper

    K: yes it is…but it wasn’t mine…I had a VW Beetle…

  9. I really don’t know that I dare post any photos from my own ancient past.. Bad 80’s fashion outweighs virtually anything from the 70’s..

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