Misc. Holiday Blatherings….mostly

99% of the time I use Firefox as a browser.  I just checked this page in IE and noticed some of the sidebar images overlap as well as posts that ignore breaks.  WTG Microsquash…Sorry to all my IE readers…

OK. Some fairly difficult It’s A Wonderful Life trivia questions…

1.  What year did Harry Bailey graduate college?

2. What number was on the football jersey George wore after the dance?

3.  What pet was kept in the Bailey Building & Loan office?  What was the pet’s name?

I’ll post the answers later….maybe.

I’ve done no baking this year.  I think I burned myself out all those years I spent chained to the stove from Thanksgiving to Christmas filling cookie orders.

I’ve already watched A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim (the ONLY one worth watching…other than Mr. Magoo) about 5 times.  Will probably watch it a few more before Thursday.

Aside from being a fan of the music of Jethro Tull, I have always had a respect of the intelligence of Ian Andersen.  There’s a multi-part interview in YouTube (where else?) from 5 years ago.  If I had seen a picture of him I never would have guess the identity.  Anyway, here’s a short segment…



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6 responses to “Misc. Holiday Blatherings….mostly

  1. Mike

    Just to allow perfection and not to denigrate your blog in any way. You might like to put a second “v” in “involes” in your top quote.
    hang loose,

  2. snowelf

    I use firefox too–except at work because our intranet page isn’t compatible (go figure) so I’ve never noticed either. 😛


  3. cooper

    Mike – yeah I see that every time I log on…just been too lazy to fox it…time for a new quote anyway…

    Snow: We’re not allowed to use FF at work..and I think we’re a couple releases behind in IE…so much for major corporations and technology…

  4. i can’t even begin to guess at those answers. give me a grinch test and i’ll do better.

  5. I have no idea on the movie as I’ve never watched it. Maybe one day it will come on when I’m not too busy.

    Merry Christmas Mr. Cooper! and to all of yours~ 🙂

  6. I use IE all the time now.I used to use firefox, and IE at work (because i had to) but i got tired of multi-browsing. so i just use Ie now. hehe.

    I have to watch all those staple christmas movies… i have never actually seen it’s a wonderful life, miracle on 34th street, etc and need to watch them even if it is just to answer trivia questions on a blog 😉

    Merry christmas to you and yours Coops 🙂

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