The Best Feeling…

I’m trying to keep wanton sentimentality in check this year; it’s so easy for me to get all Hallmark and Hollywood and wonder why MY Christmas is never like it is on Garfield or a dozen other movies and TV shows that get their annual airing out.  I was thinking, though, of the things that made me feel good and a thought popped into my head from the past that triggered a memory of a feeling so good that it defies description.  But I’ll give it a shot.

In my hometown, the signal to alert everyone that school was canceled because of snow was the town fire station sounding it’s alarm at 7 AM.  This is before the day of snow-chains, snow-networks, whatever your particular school system calls them.  Everyone had to either turn on the radio and wait for an announcement or wait for the 7 AM fire siren.  Now any arsonist worth his or her salt could have had a field day with this, setting a good roaring fire about 6:50 AM, having the siren go off and the entire town thinking school was canceled.  Never happened, tho.

Anyway, on a ten degree winter morning, I am thoroughly snuggled and wrapped in my blankets; cold enough that if I moved I know the sheet would be icy to the touch.  The symphony of the radiators usually didn’t start until about 7:30.  So I lay there, wrapped and warm, remembering that snow was forecast for the previous night.  Not wanting to leave my warm bed under any circumstances, having to crawl out into the frigid air and get ready for school.  What time is it?  6:58.  Please ring. Please ring.  Don’t make me move.  Please ring…

Far off in the distance…its starts with a low growl like a cat defending it’s kill, then grows into a wail.  Just like all the air raid sirens in all the old movies.

YES.  YES.  I don’t have to move! Snow Day! Snow Day!  Snow Day!  I wrap myself meven tighter and smile a mile wide.  Not realizing I’d been holding my breath I exhale, sinking deeper into my pillow.  How great is this????



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5 responses to “The Best Feeling…

  1. and the relief of getting to stay put warms you right back into blissful unconsciousness…..aaaahhhhh……

    what a great memory. thanks for sharing it.

  2. Hey…Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. snowelf

    What a great memory Cooper! And I love how you described the siren–they sound just like a cat growl!! 🙂

    Growing up here in Wisconsin, we rarely had snow days, but things were totally different when we moved and lived in South Carolina. One morning, I called my best friend because school was canceled due to snow. (One of the maybe five times it snowed there in the seven years I lived there.) She wasn’t awake yet, so I told her to look out her window and I remember she said in a sleepy voice “Okay, I did.”

    She was not a morning person.

    “You did not!” I said laughing.

    She finally did and she woke right up and came over once we found out school was closed. Whoo hoo!!

    Merry Christmas!!


  4. lol.. that is positively the cutest story i have read 🙂 hehe..

    In my hometown we would have snow days if it reached -50 with the wind, and everyone but emergency personel were allowed to stay home. The schools wouldn’t shut down other than that for fear that people would send thier kids to school in the cold and not have a place to go. We didn’t have the alarm from the fire station, we had the local radio station and it was essencially the same thing. My moms alarm would go off and it was set to the radio and i remember laying and wishing for a snow day too.

    I also remember a few times that the pipes froze in our house, and it was like an icebox inside… brrrr! But I liked those days because me and my brother and my mom would all huddle together and play little games like eye spy etc…. i am sure my mom thought it was hard to entertain two kids and keep them warm, but i remember thinking those were a few of the best days we ever had.

  5. I told Dave the other day “I want central heat and air.” He looked at me and we both started laughing.. nah 🙂 I know about snuggling~ still do it 🙂

    Here in Gawja, it rarely snows.. but in 1972 or 3, while I was looking out my (coveted) window side seat at school.. ahem, I noticed little white flakes falling. At first I thought I had just wished or was dreaming of them but as it started falling harder I (who never said a word in class unless asked directly and that was under duress) yelled out “ITS SNOWING!!!” I think we got 2 or 3 feet that day and school was closed. It was fun walking home 🙂

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