Yes I Guess We Do…

All around this great big world
All the crap we have to take
Bombs and basement fallout shelters
All our lives at stake

The bloody revolution
All the warheads in its wake
All the fear and suffering
All a big mistake
All those wasted years
All those precious wasted years
Who will pay?

Do we have to be forgiving at last?
What else can we do?
Do we have to say goodbye to the past?
Yes I guess we do

– Neil Peart

Happy New Year



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4 responses to “Yes I Guess We Do…

  1. there’s not much hope otherwise, is there.

  2. Happy New Year. I can’t figure out why my page won’t load for you, its on a basic blogger template 😦

  3. i still wanna know where the header pic was taken, i love it

  4. Maybe this will cheer you up;

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