Greetings from the Public Library!  Yes I just oove working on a machine with a 100 x 200 resolution where every third letter falls off the page.  If this contains spelling error, please forgive me.  I cannot see half of what I am writing becuase wordpress doen’t play well with low-res screen or IE…half the sidebar boxes are covering up the the box where the text goes.

Yes I just love when parents bring their screaming, crying kinds IN to the library…forget how they behave once they’re here.  My library has never been big on enforcing some standard library decorum.  Princeton is a different story but I don’t live there so getting a library card in order to use their computers costs about $100 last time i checked, which was awhile ago.

Actually a new library builing is going up in my town.  The second one since I’ve lived here (tells you something about the population explosion here).  It’s a three story building so hopefully we all won’t be sitting on top of each other.  I’ve alwyas disliked the present building.  It’s ranch style and wide open with a catherdral cieling so every sound carries throughout.  The architect should be skinned alive for designing this mess…not to mention the township committee for accepting an awful awful design..it was part of a municipal buliding – lkibrary package – not that you care.  I’m just rambling.

The holiays are over.  I’m usually sad about that…taking the tree down and all…but this year I’m ok with it.  It was nice but glad it’s over.  Now I can just hold my breath until spring arrives…



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5 responses to “Welcome

  1. I get to take down the tree today, yay! Only happy cuz i need more room. It is amazing how much room a little 7 pound being requires..lol…

    hope you had a great holiday season Coops 🙂

  2. new library you say…..hhmm….job possibilities…..if only they paid enough to LIVE in NJ.

    i’m kind of glad the holidays are over too, except for having to return to the obscenely early mornings….

  3. mssolitaire

    A new library?? That’s awesome!!! 🙂 I love the smell of books! I know weird, right?? But there’s something cool about going to the library and researching or checking out books… I love it!

    The holidays aren’t over for me until after my birthday on the 20th… so you can still have some holiday cheer ! 🙂

  4. My tree is coming down over the weekend. I hate doing that. I could keep a tree up all year if I had the decorations..and the cats wouldn’t keep trying to eat it.

    A new library? that makes me think of the Doctor Who episode that was just on.

  5. Yeah, I took my tree down shortly after the kids left. My bucket had a hole in it so my pretty little tree dried out. Not so good when it’s in a room with a wood burning stove near by…

    I LOVE the smell of a library. It brings back such wonderful memories of when I was a kiddo. I spent a lot of time there.

    The ones we have over here have shortened their hours. BUT the ones in downtown Macon are to die for. I could spend all day wondering around…

    I’m not much of a winter person either. . .

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