Yeah I know I know…I am in need of one of KFarm’s B12 remedies…

I live in a townhouse.  No basement, no garage…which translates into NO STORAGE.  So our third floor loft, essentially a carpeted attic (and heats just like one in the summer) is the junkyard.  As much as I have repeatedly over the past 20 years cleaned it up and turned it into something usable, it never seems to stay that way for long.  Recently it has become the Lost Elephant Burial Grounds for all the stuff the kids didn’t take with them when they left…which in the boy’s case is about 80% of all is his worldly possessions including two drumkits, and for the daughter unit, assorted crutches, braces, medical instruments of torture and college term papers (I see a bon-fire in the future).  There was, literally, not a square inch of floor to be seen.  On the good side, there was, literally, not a square inch of floor to be seen.

So I made yet another attempt while the weather is still frigid.

Now, keep all that in mind while I digress, but stay with me ‘cuz I’ll tie it all together.

Back before the days of digital…everything…it was rather customary to see (or put together if you were in the unfortunate position) photo displays at funerals encapsulating the life of the deceased. Nowadays it’s all done with PC’s, scanners and flat screens.  But time was there would be artist easels with foamcore boards adorned with photos from all stages of the dear departed’s time here on earth.

OK…here’s where it all comes back around.  While re-arranging the loft, I came across the three 2×3 boards  we put together when my Mom passed away..coming up on eight years ago next month.  I carefull unstuck the photos from the board, some of which are really quite good.  I’m going to get them all scanned and I’ll share a few over the coming weeks, complete with wise and wise ass commentry.

But before we venture down that path, I came across one other curio either I never saw, or just plain forgot about….this goes back to the fall/winter 2000 (I started it in June…it took at least 6 months before I looked like anything else but a crack addict)  There was a time when….




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6 responses to “Slacker

  1. We had loads of old photos of gram that we found at her funeral. There’s no way it could have been done digitally

  2. i’m trying to read the expression on your face.
    “damn, this beard itches?”

    what does it say that i had the same sweater?

  3. Good God, I know those eyes… oh so well. The B-12 took them away and are keeping them at bay. Oh ain’t I so witty this morning…

    Speaking of which, have you ever had yours checked??? Just a suggestion… Anywhere under 500 (and I don’t care wtf they say, is LOW) There are pills you can put under your tounge to disolve that work if they won’t give you the ((GAG-SHIVER)) shots. I’m still struggling with that. Last week, I passed out at the table after the big plunge…

    Love your red hair and you do not look like a crack addict 🙂

  4. snowelf

    Awww Cooper!! You’re all fuzzy wuzzy! 🙂

    My garage is my dumping ground…it makes me nuts. I clean it and then it just gets all dumped on again. Ugh!


  5. I have a two car garage that at times can’t hold one… i understand dumping

    the look on your face is so.. happy.. =P

  6. mssolitaire

    Heeheehee… don’t you just love those old pics???

    I too have a space (my car truck, drawers not filled with clothes, storage space) that’s filled with useless crap that I need to chuck…. ::sigh:: soon huh? 🙂

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