Some of you may be old enough to remember The Ed Sullivan Show and the guy who had ten or fifteen ten foot poles with plates spinning atop each one, his job being to dash from pole to pole to make sure the plates kept spinning without falling. In my life’s role of keeping the plates spinning, I have decided to let them fall,  I’m just too tired.  Especially when there are very few folks in the audience that really give a shit.  A big sign for me was not being able to drag my sorry ass out of bed until nearly noon, after a frustrating dream about…well…to keep it short….everything being out of my control.

So I resign from the plate-spinning acrobatics. I’m tired. Tired of beating my head against the wall. Tired of being COLD. Tired of all the decisions and indecisions. Burned to a crispy critter you might say (anyone remember Crispy Critters cereal???).

On top of which, once I do make it into the kitchen for some nutrition, I spied a can of Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Noodle soup.  I usually steer clear of canned soups, primarily as they bear little difference to munching on a salt cube but this one was calling my name.  So I dump it out and start heating it up.  Hmmm..doesn’t look anything like the picture on the can…it needs some sprucing up.  So in goes a handful of shredded leftover chicken and a handful of frozen peas.  There that looks a little better.  OK.  It’s ready. I ladle some out, sprinkle some grated parm cheese (real parm cheese not the green can stuff) and take my first spoonful.  It tastes like I  just dusted the bookcase with my tongue.  Down the drain it goes.  Not only wasting the money on the product but wasting the extra good stuff I put in there.  So much for lunch…

OK…I know at this juncture I am supposed to count my blessings…and I really do.  I have a job…it’s complete frustrating hell…but it’s a job at a time when so many don’t know where their next meal is coming from, and at a time where the new Prez is having the Fed print so much new money that we’re going to see inflation like you’ve never seen before.  It’s going to get worse and financially, I’m in a very good spot, debt and job wise.  So I am grateful for that.  The Mrs. and I were marvelling that for the first time in our lives we seem to have been cut a financial break.  It’s never been that way before.  I also have to be grateful for the health of my could always be 1,000 times worse.

So you see I’m not completely feeling sorry for myself, I’m just toasted today.  This ol’ Sisyphus is going to let the rock roll…

Ed, better call Topo Gigio…


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4 responses to “Resignation

  1. simplygracious

    could not, but chuckle as i glanced over “Ed Sullivan and spinning plates” , remember the dog Louie that never did anything? i do…life is good, but at times one wonders….


  2. sometimes a mental health day is needed. better to take it now and again than to burn out to where you can’t function at all. and hey, i am greek so give me a couple of plates and i will throw them for you. it’s way more fun than just letting them fall. join me, won’t you?

  3. mssolitaire

    These times happen and it’s good you recognize that it’s a temporary thing. Chin up 🙂

  4. Once upon a time, not so really long ago, I had a friend who was really bummed out. One night we sat around, drank a few beers and I had an idea… I pulled out some old plates I didn’t like and/or use and stacked them on the counter. Then I told her to start throwing them into the fire place… for every worry, concern, anger issue, what ever… I kept handing them to her and she busted every damn one of them. It was great… to break a plate 🙂

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