And The Objectification Continues….

What’s the phrase?  Something about geting what we deserve?  Thanx to Dr. Robyn for posting this



Filed under culture, media, sex, stupidity, technology, women

5 responses to “And The Objectification Continues….

  1. unbelievable.

    and no, the “one for the ladies” did not make it ok or make me want to part with $.99 for the fantastic bargain of that application.

    *bangs head on the wall.

  2. Well, ain’t that special? When he got to the one for the ladies I noticed he started breathing heavier… Exit, stage left.

  3. in unrelated news, your rubber chicken and bucket of peanuts scenario has been entered in a contest at my place.

  4. Idiots… Can the female application involve shrinking heads?

  5. wow…. i don’t even know where to start on that one…

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