“Noah?  How long can you tread water???”

Noah I ain’t – I have enough trouble with one dog and one cat much less two of everything.  It definitely has been a week of treading in a tsunami without a snorkle -at least that’s what it felt like.  Work is a BEAR.  And not Yogi or BooBoo.  More like Gentle Ben with a furious case of hemorrhoids.  Everyone is feeling it.  Of course management loves it because their pat answer is..”sure.  go find another job.  I dare you.”  Bastardos.

Speaking of hemorrhoids.. have you heard about the judge in Miami who has OK’d removing certain library books from the shelves?  This one was about Cuba and depicted a smiling communist child…we certainly don’t want people exposed to that…moron…


Filed under culture, dumbass, legal, news

4 responses to “…gurgle….

  1. smiling communist children are evil didn’t you know??? zomg….

  2. big hugs to you.

    and a big kick in the @ss to that judge.

  3. anndi

    How can they possibly be smiling? They have no fantublers or bizzle-binks! You do realize Dr Seuss is next on the banning list…

  4. “What’s a cubit?”

    I hear ya on the work front. If only I wasn’t so partial to sleeping indoors and eating on a regular basis.

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