one to watch

you probably have not seen this movie.  But you should.  I mean you really should…especially if you have anything to do with the world of IT.  just outstanding…




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5 responses to “one to watch

  1. Just a thought…many who lived through it may not want to see a movie about it.


  2. cooper

    Bill: I think they would anyway…might give them a different perspective about the people involved…even though the cover might make one think “ahh…just some romantic comedy”. It’s much more than that. It takes a good look at both cultures and zeroes in on the problem, without being heavy handed about it…

  3. mssolitaire

    This looks adorable!!! Maybe I can get the bf to watch it with me… not likely but hey it’s not mainstream hollywood so it’s a shot. 🙂

    Thanks for the reccomendation.

    Might I recommend one?? 🙂

  4. I’ve heard of that one…will look it up, it looks amusing 🙂

  5. i hadn’t heard of this either, i will take a look for it 🙂

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