sunday sunday sunday !!!!!

We (my band –Jo Wymer & The Itty Bitty Band) are getting ready to rock at this year’s Brookdale Guitar Show this Sunday!!!!!


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3 responses to “sunday sunday sunday !!!!!

  1. rock on! thanks for the links….enjoying the tunes right now.

  2. I was wondering about your band since you have not mentioned it in awhile.

    My cousin’s kids turned me on to Rock Band 2 over the holidays. I ended up buying a set and had a great time playing it with my nephew. I used to like to think of myself as a decent tabletop drummer, but find I really stink on anything resembling the real thing. Whenever I listen to music now, I have a much greater appreciation of the role of the drummer. My hat’s off to you!


  3. mssolitaire

    Freakin sweet!!!! so when you playin a show in Cali???

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