Top 5 On Friday

Another good one from The Mistress

Top 5 songs that horrify you! (And tell us why)
interpret as you see

1. I Shot The Sheriff – Eric Clapton
I hate that entire album…

2. 10th Avenue Freeze Out – Springsteen
Makes my spine itch

3. D’yer Maker – Led Zeppelin
Can’t imagine what drugs they were doing that day

4.  Killer Queen – Queen
so overplayed…

5. Brown-Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
I know I’m going to take some heat for this…would rather have my gums scraped than hear this ever again 



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6 responses to “Top 5 On Friday

  1. snowelf

    LOL! Nice list! The only song I actually care for on this list is D’yer Maker, but I can see why you don’t. The rest can all find their way down the sewers. 😀
    And I absolutely can’t stand Eric Clapton!!!


  2. 1. muskrat love by the captain and tenille
    seriously, what’s not to hate?

    2. we built this city on rock and roll by jefferson whatever the hell they were calling themselves by that point. airplane? starship? dirigible?
    just stupid, vacuous. this is what happens when a once original group needs to make a quick buck so they can put their love children through college?

    3. pretty much anything by springsteen. yeah, i’ll take heat for that but if you can slam brown eyed girl i can slam the boss. i never liked him. he makes my ears bleed. clarence clemmons is cool though.

    4. ditto for KISS with “beth” being the absolute worst thing i have ever heard from them. and their appearance at the 96 olympics? what moron thought that was befitting such an event???

    5. a tie between meatloaf’s paradise by the dashboard light and 2 outta 3 ain’t bad. puhleeeeze. makes me want to drive an ice pick into his temple.

  3. cooper

    Snow: getting the push broom out now

    Lime: Beth was a definite consideration. we’re just going to have to disagree on meatloaf (although I am sick of ‘2 out of 3’). Oh and I belive it was Jefferson Wheelchair…

  4. I’m with you on one and anything by Springsteen usually horrifies me. 😦

  5. mssolitaire

    LMAO!!!! I HATE HATE HATE “You look wonderful tonight” by Clapton… ugh!

    yeah not too big into Springsteen either… maybe it’s a generational thing??

    Oh and I can one up your Ven morrison.

    I Hate the Rolling Stones.

  6. Clapton and Van Morrison, yeah, hate ’em.. Sorry. I know Clapton is a big reason there is so much cool stuff in the rock world, but.. Blah.

    Grateful Dead. Sorry, I guess you had to be there. I wasn’t. Again, I can appreciate them, but can’t stand to listen! I will probably get strung up for saying that, but that’s not my bag, man… 😉

    Same with Springsteen. Love the guy’s politics, hate the music.

    Billy Joel, which is awful, as his keyboard player is a friend of ours. I had to sit through a BJoel concert once to go to dinner with our friend.. He also once spilled OJ on a friend of mine and didn’t apologise!

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