the death of tact

In this age of hyper-vigilant political correctness, it seems there are those who feel it’s ok to counter-swing the pendulum and go off the deep end in the opposite direction.  Some folks have become so self-involved they have absolutely no sense that anyone else exists on the planet.  And it’s not monumental things, but the small stuff that we are apparently not supposed to sweat anymore.

Well, bullshit to that.  I know a few who need some perspiration excess over just common simple regard for others.

Why of course I have an example!  Why else would I rant on???

So I’m in the company cafeteria today.  It’s not a great cafeteria.  At times it’s not even a good cafeteria.  Every so often I’d rather eat dirt.  But it does serve a purpose and the people who work there put forth the effort – sometimes with a snarl but i can let that pass.  I’m in the checkout line negotiating a barter arrangement with the cashier; a woman somewhere in her 60’s just trying to make ends meet.  A woman I used to work with walks up behind me in line, looks at my food and blurts, “You know if this were [a famous convenience store] you’d get twice as much for half the price.”

Now, true as that may be, I was immediately embarrassed for the woman at the cash register.  How is she supposed to deal with that?  She’s there busting her butt for a paycheck and here’s this woman yapping away, negating any value for “the cafeteria”.  I know she wasn’t attacking the woman personally, or even addressing her at all.  But I tend to believe, perhaps naively, that  most people like to display a certain a mount of loyalty to the place they work and having some blathering stiff openly tear it up is 1) unnecessary and 2) beyond rude in the manner in which it was vocalized.

How about engaging brain before opening pie hole???


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5 responses to “the death of tact

  1. sadly, common courtesy is not very common at all these days.

    and the problem with all this pendulum swiniging is people get clobbered by it coming and going.

  2. mssolitaire

    you mean we’re supposed to think before we talk??? crap! 😛

    Yeah I hate it when people are like this and I feel horrid when I catch myself doing something like this.

  3. Ok..the head up the butt pic cracks me up.

  4. snowelf

    I am always surprised at the amount of people who just constantly think in a negative manner and just spew their negativity onto others in everyday practice. Like that lady has ANY control over the prices. Sheesh…

    I think that’s one of the reasons I am extra nice to everyone–to balance out other people’s rudeness.


  5. I’ve done it, and you’re right, it’s a sucky thing to do. I have felt the awfulness of what I’ve done before now, too. You’re dead right, what the hell has it got to do with the poor woman behind the register??
    Take it up with management, if you’re that disturbed by it..

    I got into a fight once, almost literally, with someone who did that to a woman in a store. I hope that made her day go better.

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