With all this ‘stimulus’ package talk – have you noticed how it has already wheedled it’s way into corporate brainwashing (advertising) – how come I never feel stimulated?  I get the feeling that I (and folks like I) are the stimulaTORS and not the stimulaTEES.

So…….what’s in all this horseshit for me?

Not much.  A continued sense that every single person…without exception…working in federal, state and local government will say and do anything to get (re) elected regardless of the impact to their ‘constituency’  (and boy did Lautenberg and Holt really sell out for NJ…might as well bring Florio back).

A growing sense that it’s every person for themselves, brought on by corporate greedheads and the empty-headed (animal food trough wiper)government officials that support them, at a time when everyone should be pulling together.  To quote Pete Townshend from one of his more overlooked solo efforts… “What happened to all that lovely hippie shit?”

I’ve been thinking…(always a bad sign)…what would happen if everyone in the US decided not to pay their taxes?  OK, so I know 100% compliance to that would never happen…but let’s say 50% of every eligible taxpayer said “You know what?  Screw you, DC.  You continually waste my money that I bust my ass for an you’re not going to get another friggin’ penny until some fiscal responsibility starts wafting through those hallowed halls.”  There are around 300 million people in the US…what are they going to do…suddenly throw 150 million people in jail?  You want me to take personal responsibility?  Fine…I’ll take 100% personal responsibility for my life…you (DC) stay the hell out of my pockets, off my back and out of my life.

Hmmm…don’t know why I’m lashing out like that.  Guess I just needed a good tirade, and government is such an easy target.

And here comes another Monday…Happy Happy Joy Joy



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10 responses to “stimulation

  1. in addition to basically agreeing with you i’ve got a personal axe to grind against the IRS. i’d be overjoyed if someone dismantled the whole thing.

  2. as for the whole “stimulation” thing….you can be damn sure ain’t no one stimulatin’ me….sheeeeit!

  3. I’m getting no stimulation here either…love Ren and Stimpy too 🙂

  4. snowelf

    I say, Fine, give us back the money we payed you. Sure. Whatever. I am so sick of everyone bitching about what a “bad idea” it is when the government is wasting so much of our money as it is, just take the money back already and shut up about it.

    I don’t mind paying taxes–I just wish I could pick where my money went–like schools and libraries and freakin’ snow removal off our roads since they can’t seem to get it right around here. 😀


  5. Bill

    The revolt may have already begun.

    Rick Santelli on CNBC asked, “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage? President Obama are you listening?! How about we all stop paying our mortage!”

    So I saved up for a down payment. I did not buy more house than I could afford. I did not trade for a fancy new car every year or two or three. I did not buy the biggest screen TV on the block. I do not rush to acquire each year’s latest iGadget. I pay off my credit cards every month and do not charge for more than I could pay off. Why should I pay for the guy next door who indulges in conspicious sonsumption beyond his means? Many are now asking this question.

    Unstimulated Bill

  6. Bill

    Oh, one more thing…Democrats don’t worry about how high taxes are…they don’t pay them anyway.

    That may not be fair, but how many of the appointees so far have had to bow out due to a “tax problem?” Is the president a poor judge of character or is this systematic with the crowd he runs around with?

    Still unstimulated Bill

  7. cooper

    US Bill: I’m with you, Bud.

  8. mssolitaire

    LMAO!!!!!!!!! Ok… now I’m with you on the whole Gov’t needing to be responsible with our money… so maybe the US can just hold the paychecks of those not getting the shit done??? I think that would be a great thing in Cali… the geniuses are actually considering legalizing pot in order to generate revenue for the State of California. weird huh??

    What an age to live in.

  9. There’s a great movie about the IRS and income tax, and the Federal Reserve, and how it;s about as ‘Federal’ as ‘Federal Express’, in other words, a private company, who loaned the govt money, and our income tax goes to pay back that interest. I can’t remember the name of the movie!! Damn..

    I’m with you on the income tax thing.. Maybe not the rest of it though, I’d still like a police force, firefighters and an ambulance service, but there are a few bits of Govt I could well do without.

    I gave some of my last stimulus check to the Obama campaign. He’s got a tough job ahead, and such is the fate of a person who gets put on a pedestal, that sooner or later they won’t come up to expectation, and the disappointment sets in, but I’d still far rather have him in the White House than that sh*t for brains Texas redneck. ~If that’s what he was.

  10. This is much better than term limits: let’s audit all politicians and high-level bureaucrats:


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