game time

ok…get your thinking caps on…it’s time to play…


Ready?   Go!

Very Good ! That didn’t take long at all.  And for those of you that are still having trouble, Sydney will help a bit by performing her Mother Theresa impression…

Whew…all that brainwork…time for a snack.  Blueberry pancakes anyone???



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6 responses to “game time

  1. Mmmm Pancakes!! My dog does the same thing!!

  2. lol. you and andrea have dogs that do that. heck I do that. of course sydney’s nose is a little longer than mine so i’m a little harder to find sometimes.

    blueberry pancakes. mmmmm

  3. cooper

    Andrea: They were yummy…the pancakes that is

    Lime: I do it too but Sydney is cuter than me first thing in the morning

  4. mssolitaire

    Those pancakes look awesome! Yummy!!!

    Daw! Doggies are SO cute!

  5. Aw, how cute!

    When we were kids, we played a lot of hide-and-seek inside the house. Those pictures of Sydney remind me of the only time someone hid so well we could not find him. My little brother never folded up and put his clean clothes into drawers, preferring to leave them in a pile on top of his dresser. One time, he climbed onto his dresser and assumed the turtle position, covering his exposed flesh with odd pieces of clothing. We were unable to find him and had to give up.

    To this day, I just love “in plain sight” hiding techniques. Don’t get me wrong. I love a long hike like the next guy. But the best geocaches has to be the ones in which the container is camoflauged to look like a common object which belongs there.


  6. Aw, now I want a dog AND blueberry pancakes!! I guess one of those is easier to fix than the other.. 😉

    CUTE dogggiee…

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