site sights

I am actually a little surprised by this…I figured any post I had withe the word “porn’ would have scored at the top.  I’m humbled by a couple of these .   Of all my posts, here is how they rank in terms of number of views….

Top Posts

25 Best Sex Scenes 371 views

High School Sweethearts 244 views

who me??? 198 views

R.I.P. Natasha Shneider 138 views

Top 5 on Friday Food (ultra) Porn 132 views

What Happened The Year You Were Born? 94 views

The Farm Bill – This Will Make You Spill Your Morning Coffee 79 views

Top 5 on Friday Food Porn….the Redneck Version 72 views


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4 responses to “site sights

  1. well that was a fun little retrospective. at least you’ve got a variety of things pulling people here.

  2. I miss food porn 😦

  3. thr rip would worry me though…

  4. That is the wonderful yet scary thing about the ‘Net: the strange things people can seek and find.

    I do wish Chocolate Chipped would come back…though I am glad the archives are still there.


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