awww now that really blows….

Notice anything different?  Well with wordpress, users are stuck with the templates “as is” unless you fork over some $$$, at which they open up the CSS sheet (sorry, that’s redundant – Cascading Style Sheet sheet….sheet) and allow users to make customizations.  I suspect that if you are a regular peruser of this ludicrous blog you’ve ascertained that I enjoy fiddling with colors, fonts, shapes, sizes.  Well, for two or three weeks now I’ve been getting messages saying my ability to customize my CSS is about to expire.  That’s ok, I thought.  I was pretty happy with the way it looked and could live with it for awhile.  At NO time was I told that all my changes would be wiped out upon said expiration and my page would be taken back to square one.  Bad enough I have to pay to customize but now I have to keep paying to keep my customizations.   I left Blogger because  1) it was buggy as hell and I was tired of never being able to leave comments and 2) it is connected to Google which keeps a copy of everything that touches it’s servers.  I suspect others do to but that just sort or un-nerved me.

Now this.  In the words of the great spiritual healer Mother Theresa, “What a bunch of shit.”



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11 responses to “awww now that really blows….

  1. Mike Sadler

    Right on, Cooper

  2. Mike Sadler

    and indeed, write on, Cooper

  3. I don’t know…I’ve always liked Blogger regardless of it being part of google. Haven’t had any problems with it in almost 7 years either. Now Livejournal…ARGH! and that’s the blog I pay for!

  4. For a minute there I thought I needed to refresh the page.

    Vampires. all of them!

  5. well that sucks rocks. really i haven’t had the problems with blogger that you’ve mentioned but the keeping of stuff…ok, i try not to think about that too hard.

    arg indeed. the whole paying thing pissed me off with flickr too.

  6. Well, that just don’t seem fair to me. Seems that you’ve already PAID for your changes…and should be able to keep them.


  7. mssolitaire

    Ugh!!! That really sucks! Sorry dude!

  8. Dude. That really blows from the perspective of wanting to create art.

    It’s okay, though, for those of us who are enlightened to the real value of your blog.

    We come here for the mental stimulus of your sage wisdom; we come to drink at the fountain of your erudition. The graphical elements are not at the crux of that.

    Laying it on with a trowel is something you learn to do if you’re a trainer for very long.

    Keep smiling.

  9. I loved woed press when i had my paid for blog, but disliked it once it was standard. so i feel for ya.

  10. Sorry, I never really noticed. As one of the five people left on this planet still using dial-up access, I usually surf blogs and forums with image loading turned off unless there is something obvious that I needed to see. It did not used to be so bad, but the world seems to have gone avatar crazy. Sometimes many minutes are needed to download a bunch of insipid, twitching thumbnail pictures before the meat of the text becomes visible. So to hell with the lot of them, I just won’t be seeing any of them at all.

    A year ago, I chose WordPress based on the vital fact that I could do most everything with this ancient browser I am still using. Blogger did not work for me at all; it’s certificate and my browser just do not get along. I can read the posts on blogspot just fine but cannot reply because I would have to go to their “secure” page where the ceritificate comes into play. The WordPress approach is better because it does not have the replying and signing in activities on the same page. My other complaints about blogger/blogspot are that the replies are not visible in some people’s blogs (mistress) and who was the wiseacre who came up with the concept of clicking on the date and/or time to get to the page containing the replies?

    Like the others say, your place has intrinsic value beyond eye candy to keep me coming back. The last thing I need are cavities in my retinas; the blank space between the ears is bad enough as it is.


  11. snowelf

    I noticed. And I love your creativeness so I am sad if you don’t get to update your page when and however you like. That is my only problem with WP and why I don’t have one.


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