toiling wage slave

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the blogging has been a bit sparse as of late.  Well let me share with you my time sheet for the past three weeks:
Last week:  69.5 hours
the week before: 70.5 hours
the week before before 77 hours

wageslaveIt’s been just loverly.  Even now it’s 12:45 am and I just finished up a few work odds and ends that needed attention.  There was still more to do but aI had reached maximum brain density (go ahead…snicker away (no offense Snow)).  As one would safely surmise this leaves very little time for…well…life.  I hoping things calm down a tad before the next big push coming mid-May.

Given that I have very little of adventurous, um, adventures to report unless you want me to go all geeky and talk about prorating date logic and dropping VPN networks.  No?  Can’t say I blame you.

Outside of lack of sleep, complete stress and no fun, the real bad downside of working like this is food…I’ve been eating like Porky on Holiday and it’s really starting to get to me. The office constantly has junk food around…especially implementation weekends.  I mean how can I resist when the boss walks in with a grocery bag containing Chips Ahoy, Mallomars and Double Stuff Oreos?????  Not to mention bags of candy, chips and other goodies. (more sugar!!!! – right Firesign Theater fans???)

So with any luck the writing will pick up again..and hopefully at a decent hour.  Until then I live vicariously through your exploits…



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6 responses to “toiling wage slave

  1. man, i wish living vicariously through what i have to share were more interesting for your sake. i hope the big fat overtime checks are getting saved up for some sort of fabulous beach vacation.

    oh, and i doled out the zombie chicken award yesterday, maybe that gives you a chuckle?

  2. The past few weeks, I’ve just been plain out brain dead. No story twirling around the old noggin and it saddens me. It’s just plain ole nutten honey. Hey isn’t that a cookie? or cereal?

    Yeah, when I worked the office manager used to buy all that crap… it was very hard not to gobble it all up. Good luck with that…

  3. Times like these make you glad you are on contract. The poor saps on salary only get a promise of comp time later. But promises are made to be broken; don’t ask how I know this…

    The last time I worked crunch mode, the boss(es) provided pizza for lunch on Saturdays and sometimes during the week.

    From the bad boss front, I once had one who proposed laying out the schedule based on 60-hour work weeks. It took a minor revolt to finally convince him that that left little time to recover from the inevitable problems which have an uncanny way of coming up. The compromise was 50-hour work week scheduling and we barely made that deadline, meaning we crossed the finish line dead.


  4. mssolitaire

    Working is better than not 🙂

    I hope that your boss will soon walk into the office with string cheese and crackers and fruit trays for you and your health 🙂

  5. understand 100%. And now that I am on a mat leave I am working very hard to get rid of all those Saturdays munching on badness. I have to say, getting the pounds off is much harder than it was putting them on!! and not nearly as fun…

  6. I could sum up my last 6 months of blogging not in hours but minutes! LOL…I was lost but now I am found…wooohooo!

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