nat townsley

why nat doesn’t have a larger following is beyond me.  This is from the 2003 Modern Drummer Festival (yes I was there).  He finally released a solo effort (available on iTunes).  He is arguably the best funk/groove/jazz drummer on the scene.  Of course being the son of Bishop Townsley he’s got drumming in his genes…



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2 responses to “nat townsley

  1. Unfortunately, the drummer is usually the most underrated member of any band. While the lead vocalist (s)and guitar players are out front on stage, the drummer is usually near the back, hiding behind the drum set. It doesn’t help that many listeners think drumming is easy when it is anything but. For whatever reason, extended drum solos are not featured like they used to be.


  2. oh man, i am late getting here but that was an awesome way to start my monday morning. thanks!

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