marilyn chambers: r.i.p.

I think the most disturbing aspect of this is that she was only 4 years older than me.  Passing at 56 is just too young.  Putting all the moral Proselytising aside, there are very few women who survived the early years of the porn revolution somewhat psychologically intact – i guess the same can be said of any time frame.  99.9% have faded into obscurity; 100% never made the cross-over into mainstream films (BIG lesson #1).

It has to be an extremely ugly business for females; objectified for a brief time into believeing they are stars; loved by everyone (as long as they maintain a strict physical appearance – pressure enough)  then just as quickly tossed aside for the next round of runaways to hit the streets.  Chambers, somehow, maintained a connection with adult films throughout her life, moving from hardcore to softcore later in years, leasing out her name to late night cable weekend adult films.

Chambers seemed to keep some sort of perspective and sense of humor with what she did.  Most of her later films had a box of Ivory Snow pop up somewhere, kind of like a Hitchcock cameo (I realize what I’m saying…I know the comparison is far from close).

I guess my hope was that she had some semblence of a normal private life, one that wasn’t totally usurped by a brutal business.



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3 responses to “marilyn chambers: r.i.p.

  1. wow, i hadn’t heard. and yes 56 is far too young. may she rest in peace.

  2. I saw one movie of hers. She turned into some kind of monster. I think it was soft porn/horror. The monster came out of her armpit….lol. STRANGE…I believe it was in the early 80’s.

    Yes, way too young!

  3. She must have been just a few years ahead of my time as I do not remember anything about her, though her name is familiar.

    Back when cable was cheap, I subscribed to some of the premium channels and remember they had some late-night softcore stuff on. The only thing I remember about that was something called “Electric Blue?”


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