end of (yet another) era and the start of a new one

changeChange is inevitable.  I’m not it’s #1 fan…not even #9,873…but things happen none the less.  In this day of the retail chain wiping out the local mom & pop, we are fortunate enough to live about 1/2 mile away from a small strip center with a local pizza place and a local video store.  The pizza place was wiped out by a fire about a year and a half ago but has recently reopened.  And this is a TRUE pizza place; not Papa John’s or Domino’s where high school kids throw stuff together.  This is a true Italian place.  Everyone who works there is Italian, the TV in the place always has the Italian TV station playing, or a soccer match…in Italian of course. The food is great and the people are great. I always get a “Mr. Cooper, how are you?”  When was the last time you went into any mall or chain store and they knew your name???

The video store has been there since we moved here in ’87.  It’s a one location place and the guy who owns it, Gene, has watched our kids grow up.  He’s seen them move from the kids movies, to nintendo games, to DVDs and beyond.  Gene also runs a repair shop in the back and more than once has given our vhs/cd/dvd players and extra lease on life.  Last year he transferred all of our videos of the kids growing up to DVDs, which we gave to the kids at Xmas.  The “Cheers” song is running through my head “..where everybody knows your name..”  Gene, Tommy and Linda always knew our names…always asked how the kids were doing.  I drove by the place last week and saw, with great sadness, the words “Going Out Of Business – Everything Must Go.”  I saw Gene today and he is retiring.  His kids have grown and left.  The new landlords jacked up the rent to pay for all the renovations after the fire. So he’s hanging it up.  Another part of the family is leaving.  I was able, however, to walk out with 20 videos and 3 DVDs for $40 – which is a sweet deal.  But I will miss going in there and seeing them all.  I had a feeling this was coming. It seems like only yesterday “video stores’ were popping up all over the landscape.  In the mid-80’s it was the business to get into.  Now it’s near dinosaur status, along with record stores, 5 & 10’s and the local toy store.

I hate change…

And speaking of which (in this case GOOD change), I guess I have to follow suit..not to be outdone by Ms. Farmer…we’re about 3 weeks away from the twins….




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4 responses to “end of (yet another) era and the start of a new one

  1. Oh heavens to mercy! Bless her heart~ but to me there is nothing prettier than a mama-to-be 🙂 I know they are your grandkids and all, but I can’t wait to find out what she is having 🙂

    Yeah, we had a video store like that and it went under gosh, years ago… it was a combo video/florist. Broke my heart when they sold out and retired…

  2. not a big fan of change myself and it’s always sad to see a quality mom & pop operation go out of business. the personal touch is irreplaceable.

    i bet mama-to-be is getting anxious for the big debut, isn’t she? change to look forward to indeed. 🙂

  3. What a glowing smile! Yes, I know what you mean by the mom and pop places. They cook their food with L O V E! You can’t comercialize that! I think I spelled that wrong…oh well, but you get my drift…pfffft!

  4. You know the drill…the more you eat at the local places, the longer they will stick around.

    Video stores will all eventually go the way of the dodo bird. Even the big boys like BlockBuster have been seeing the writing on the wall.


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