so what else is new

Lindsey Lohan Being Alone
Is this really the cover issue it appears to be?  Clue #1:  Stop the endless party behavior.  Clue #2: Stop the blow. Clue #3: Get some skillz – the teen thing is over now.  Or am I oversimplifiying the issue here?

Idol Chatter
Please stop.  Now.  What is so bleedin’ exciting about picking the next poor schmuck (or schmuckette) to get put through the corporate music company meat grinder marketing machine?  Yeah, I know.  Susan Boyle.  Fine.  The clock is ticking toward the fifteen minute mark.

The Microsoft-biased media seems to forget that Apple developers are not Windows developers – something we should all prostrate ourselves with gratitude over on a daily basis.  Apple fixes the problem.  Microsoft runs out and whips up another set of band-aids with pictures of Barney the Dinosaur.

The “fun” article on CNN about 8 love lessons learned at the movies…quote: “The upcoming summer movie season has CNN’s entertainment folks talking about the love lessons learned from our favorite romantic films.”  Here’s the big 8:
When Harry Met Sally
Sex And The City
Knocked Up
Sleepless in Seattle
Mr. & Mrs Smith
Grease or Dirty Dancing
Those folks need to rent a few more movies….Mr. & Mrs. Smith?????  Gaaaaaaaaaaaa..



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4 responses to “so what else is new

  1. I haven’t watched American Idol seriously (if that’s possible) since the original season and not at all after season four when Carrie Okie won. Yep, I have been sitting on that joke for years waiting for a chance to tell it…


  2. I don’t watch Idol ever Blech. The Talent show Susan is on is a bit different still not what I’d watch, but I would like to see her get a recording contract, because her voice is something that should be heard and should be a testament to a shallow industry that all that is good and wonderful isn’t always streamlined and gorgeous and half naked.

  3. snowelf

    I am a fair weather idol watcher. I just like to watch the preformances–none of the rest of the crap. I just don’t find making fun of people all that entertaining.

    I have to agree with you on the movie choices too…Casablanca is the only movie I really even like on that list–but to each their own.


  4. why are any of these celebrity news items considered newsworthy at all? seriously.

    and those movies, what a completely crappy list in terms of lessons learned (and most of them in terms of just movies…though casablanca and sleepless i liked)

    i will admit to watching some seasons of idol. last year not a single episode, this year, most of the time, but the chatter about it…i have zero interest in that.

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