tex avery

texaveryi was rooting through an old box of videos tonight and pulled out a classic that i had not watched in awhile.  This man was a friggin’ genius.  There has never been an animator before or since with his creativity and sence of comic timing.  These were made during the golden age of cartoons, made to be shown in theaters, made by adults pretty much for adults.  Yet another medium destroyed by television.

Below is one of the best, including the gag that drove theater film projectionists crazy.  You’ll know it when you see it.  Oh, and please keep an open mind.  This was the 1940’s – a different time, a different culture.



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3 responses to “tex avery

  1. ok, the last two mornings started with much growling and snarling of limelettes. this morning i got to start it with a lot of chuckles from that fun little blast from the past. thanks a million!

    golden age of cartoons indeed.

  2. If there was a real cartoon network, ahem, and not the crap we have today, I would have a hard time moving away from the TV. I love the old ones~ and miss them. I’ve not seen that one which is odd but I sure enjoyed it 🙂

    The oldest cartoon I get to see from time to time is Tom & Jerry 🙂

  3. PS: I’m sure your daughter is past waiting. That’s some good baby weight for twins! It’s an exciting time huh? I know she does not know me, but I’m thinking of her and holding good thoughts 🙂

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