sleep well, spanky

spankyjust shy of 16 years, it was time to go be with his brother.  he told me so. 

always hyper-vigilant, always sleeping with one eye open wary of whatever dog was roaming through the house.  finding short stretches of peace lazing on my chest whenever i picked up a book to read.  he and his brother domino were kittens for beth on her tenth birthday. 

he was a faucet drinker (only if he did not have his noggin’ deep in my water glass); probably shot our water bell to hell and back morespankycup than once.  he only started drinking from a bowl – the dog’s bowl, not his – when his back legs started giving out, unable to propel himself up to the sink, or up to the top of the fridge, where dinner was expected promptly at 5 pm.  16 years.  that’s over five thousand cans of horse giblets scraped into a tiny bowl on a nightly basis.

he was a talker;  he and i would often meow back and forth at the end of the day, sharing stories.  me talking about office drudgery and he complaining about the dog sticking her nose in his butt or the lack of fresh tuna in the house.

some thought he was snobbish and high-strung.  come on.  he’s a cat.  what else would he be?  but i knew that scratching the right spot behind his ears revved the purr motor.  he was also in the habit of scratching his own nose and chin against rough fabric (denim, bed-covers, anything handy) when his tail end was scratched.

today we took a last ride to the vet.  it was only fitting, i thought, to have him sit in my lap instead of getting cooped in the carry-all.  he peered out the window and watched the world go by, sometimes too fast for his liking, his alert mechanism on high.  once at the vet, I put him on the flannel blanket covered table.  he sniffed for a moment and decided it was time.  he lay down and closed his eyes while i stroked his fur as if to say  ‘thank you.  i don’t have to struggle anymore.  i can rest.”

i know he and domino are curled up together again, as they were so many times here on earth; a yin-yang configuration of black and white fur.  they were brothers and they’re reunited in a peaceful place filled with limitless albacore and lush green catnip fields.



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9 responses to “sleep well, spanky

  1. aw, i’m all teary. i love the image of the two of you exchanging your day in meows. i’m sorry spanky is gone but glad he seemed to understand and be ready. hugs to you and peace to spanky.

  2. aww coops… sorry to hear about your kitty 😦

  3. I’m so sorry. I dealt with so much pet loss in the last year and its a terrible thing to deal with. Just as it is when you lose a person, and heck my pets are just as much family as any person.

    Hugs for you.

  4. snowelf

    They are probably chasing birds through the catnip fields together right now, every so often high pawing each other about the month Spanky got the water bill the highest and the crap they pulled over an blamed on the dog.

    love and hugs to you Cooper.


  5. I’m so sorry…!!!…. Sometimes I think its harder to let a “pet” go than most people. They are family. I do believe there is a special place for kitty cats when its their time. You have my sympathy.

    On a much lighter and happier note, how is the daughter unit doing? I just knew I would come here today and find out the names of the little rascals 🙂

  6. Thank you, Spanky, for providing the Cooper household with companionship and entertainment over so many years.

    What does that new “Reply” link on the comments do? Or am I going to have to find out for myself?


  7. Stacey

    So sorry Coopers!!!! Pets are part of the family! Never thought I would cry like a BABY when muffin died!!!

    Peace out Kitty scout. (says Emily)

  8. Aw Sweetie, I really feel ya. It’s kinda crazy but just minutes before I came here I posted about my cat Pooka and how he disappeared a while ago and how much I miss him. I don’t know, I think God gives us pets to insure some daily smiles. Whatcha think?

    Super Big Hugz

  9. mssolitaire

    The life of a cat is one that truly touches the soul… I’m sorry for the loss and happy that you know he’s in a better place 🙂

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