once in every lifetime

I don’t know why this lot popped into my head last night, but I had to pull out the old video and watch a couple episodes….still cracks me up…

A clip from the first episode..

this clip is from my favorite episode when the lads end up representing their school (Scumbag College) on University Challenge…one of those college panel quiz shows.  What’s more interesting is the opposing team is made up of Hugh Laurie (House), Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson and Ben Elton..



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3 responses to “once in every lifetime

  1. ha! thanks for a chuckle this morning. i’m not sure what it means but mr. lime had a college roommate named prick…yes he did.

  2. I always loved the Young Ones. Rik is the greatest 🙂

  3. Stacey

    Never heard of this before, but laughed my butt off!! Thanks

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