the countdown

tuesday is the day.  9 am.  wasn’t  that a beatles song??  No that was wednesday morning wasn’t it?  Anyway, needless to say the mater-to-be is more than ready to move on to the next phase…so she thinks…obvious discomfort aside we’re all sort of walking on pins and needsles as gender/make-up is thoroughly unknown and will remain that way until tuesday.  gender bets are running the gamut. the daughter unit is convinced of two boys.  the grandma to be is going with one of each, i stick with my admitted longshot of two girls.  as long as they’re healthy the could be Chilean fruit bats and that would be fine (although more than one of us will raise an eyebrow in wonder)  All I know is that if my stomach had to stretch like that, I’d be up for the Mr. Creosote 2009 award…

Happy Mother’s Day




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6 responses to “the countdown

  1. Here’s hoping they are healthy and perfect…


  2. Wow! Her back must be aching!

  3. Tomorrow huh? I will be sooooooo happy to hear that everything is fine and two healthy and happy little red headed babies are born. I know the DU is more than ready 🙂 My love, prayers and good thoughts will be with you all ~

  4. oh, i am wincing with her. no wonder she is aching for them to be on the outside. but a pregnant mama is such a beautiful thing too. prayers and best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery.

    and hey, if they are chilean fruti bats she could name one of them stellaluna, which, btw, is a very cute children’s story…yeah, i will feed your need for quality kiddie lit that has come out in more recent years. 😉

  5. xmichra2

    exciting!!!! I know I was feeling pretty stretched with just one… couldn’t imagine two!!!

  6. Never having been pregnant, I can’t imagine what that feels like. But all I can say is that that looks MIGHTY painful! But well worth the fruits of her labor.

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