Today was the big day…the day the daughter unit has been looking forward to for the past four weeks….an instant diet of 20 pounds in no time flat.

The result…two beautiful girls; 20 fingers and twenty toes (and I was the only one who thought it was two girls from the get-go).



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6 responses to “launch

  1. Congrats! I bet she’s happy to have those in her arms rather than her belly 🙂

  2. Oh happy day!!! Two new beautiful girls to hold and to love! Congrats to all and a special Happy Birthday to the Double Units 🙂

  3. what perfect little bundles of sweetness! Welcome, little lovelies! (and those little hats with the giant bows are darned cute too)

  4. Roger, Duomom, launch tube clear; umbilicals free. We have liftoff!

    I sure wish I could reach into that picture to touch and smell them. I just love how smooth the skin of babies are…


  5. mssolitaire

    Congrats!!!! Twin girls! Oh my what a handful!!!

  6. And it just gets better! As I am finding out from my granddaughter. But I think two may be handful, even though twice as much of a blessing.

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