dance the night away

My good bud Anndi put up a post about her love for the dance that included one the best dance scenes from any film..Moses Supposes from Singin’ In The Rain.  It got me to thinking about others that, for me, are unqualified knockouts.  Let’s take as a given that almost all Gene Kelly and Astaire/whomever dance scenes are awfully tough to top.  Nonetheless, I present four more that get my juices flowing…

West Side StoryAmerica

West Side StoryCool

and what would be dance….without Fosse… from All That Jazz

and from a film that, unfortunately, few people saw, Tap, starring Gregory Hines, the introduction of young Savion Glover, Sammy Davis Jr., the first film appearance of the gorgeous Suzzanne Douglas and a host of legendary tap masters…this scene alone is worth the entire film….(this is an HD clip so it may take a bit to load)



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3 responses to “dance the night away

  1. Oh.My.God… I think my head just might very well pop off!!!


  2. I do not even want to venture a guess on how long it would take to download that clip on a dialup line.

    On a barely related note, never underestimate the bandwidth of a truck full of DVDs. The latency is a killer, but the data rate is stupendous once it finally gets there.


  3. aahhh, that was fun. tap was the one that got me going. think i’m going to have to rent that.

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