go for a visit

You all should pay a vist to Mike’s Meandering Mumbles.  It is truly a combination of mind blowing, funny, silly, beer drinking, sexy, and oft-times familiar ramblings. If nothing else some of the graphics posted there are beyond unbelievable.  For example…


not to mention….




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6 responses to “go for a visit

  1. Is that condom how you ended up with twin grandbabies?


  2. Mike

    I like Bill’s condom comment but regret that I believe that the most correct description of my blog, and indeed myself, is “silly”. Not that I don’t apprecaite the others, naturally.

  3. Mike

    Damn, of course I meant “appreciate”!

  4. Tee hee, to that first one 🙂

  5. mssolitaire

    Hahahahahaha… OMG that’s great! I can’t believe they have a Russian Roulette game for kids!

  6. snowelf

    Oh I want the Kamba Kick! That rocks!!!


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