the ubiquitous five

making up my own as I’ve done most of the standard ones…

5 things worse than root canal
listening to Bill O’Reilly
listening to Yoko Ono
American Idol
george bush

5 things i would never put in my mouth
razor wire
liquid plumber
george bush

5 pieces of unusual clothing i would consider wearing
saran wrap
glidden interior latex
neoprene rubber boxers
george bush

5 things with less appeal than athlete’s foot fungus
Dick Cheney
imagining drew carey having sex with…well…anybody
drinking 10W4o
george bush

5 things i’ve smoked without consequence
golf balls
carpet fresh
road tar
george bush

5 reasons to do this meme while sitting in raspberry jello
lugubrious perniciousness
soupy sales
laura bush



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6 responses to “the ubiquitous five

  1. Love your answers for

    “5 things with less appeal than athlete’s foot fungus”

  2. snowelf

    Coops, sometimes there are no words that compare to your witty goodness. Well done.


  3. xmichra2

    lol… good 5’s 😉

  4. dude, from the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU. this is the first thing in the last 24 hours to actually make me really laugh. that was good medicine.

  5. SpiderWalk

    Mmmm…Raspberry Jello!!!

  6. Mike Sadler

    In avoiding the mouth, do you mean Haggis? Taken with mashed neeps and tatties and a fine sufficiency of drams of a single malt there is good reason to let the mouth enjoy.

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